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Wonderful place to relax and have fine food.
Very good food. Biryani was awesome. Pastries were excellent. Black Forest was good. Dahi Vada was super. Restaurant was very clean and all items in the menu are available.
5 star(s)
This is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Austin and , it has the added bonus of being very close to our home!!! The food, service, ambiance and general experience are all wonderful!! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone!
3 star(s)
the pho broth has excellent flavor. great value prices for all their dishes. food comes out very fast. there's a mounted flat screen TV plays sports Vietnamese dance performances or singers that is distracting and annoying to me but others may like it. modern tasteful decor.
3 star(s)
Friends and I were really disappointed with our experience at Chez Zee tonight. Even before we ordered our drinks, we ordered an appetizer. When our main course arrived we asked why our appetizer had never been served. They never apologized for the oversight, and then brought it out. It was suppo...
I am totally wowed and prerpaed to take the next step now.
5 star(s)
The service was pleasant the food was good and hot they were very accomidating makeing a special plate for my daughter it was a nice quiet place to eat
love the food and the place
Great Place to eat
5 star(s)
Hi, I'm Gaby and I miss your tacos very much!
5 star(s)
It's spooky how celevr some ppl are. Thanks!
5 star(s)
my brother works here and he says everything is nice and excellent....
5 star(s)
Simply amazing, the restaurant is beautiful. Didn't get to sit outside but the 1st floor dining room was very nice. Food highlights, Pork Cheek, short ribs and tiradito.
5 star(s)
Great Mexican food! Very reasonable prices and large portions. Good customer service.
GREAT MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!! I've ate here sereval times. The food is yummy,the service is great, the staff are friendly, the restaurant is clean and relaxing, and the prices are right!
5 star(s)
My husband and I have been to Urban, An American Grill, twice and have REALLY enjoyed ourselves on both occassions. Granted, we did go both times with a coupon/discount -- one Groupon and one Eversave. Both times we've had the jumbo scallops which are AMAZING. I think these are the best scallops I'v...
5 star(s)
I was surprised , had the fish & shrimp tray it was large and plentiful .watched a movie and enjoyed the experience.
bad Mexican Food...really bad mexican food. Don't do it. These people don't have a clue and it shows. If you want Taco-bell like menu offerings except worse quality, it's the place for you. Even Taco Cabana has better Margaritas. What's up with that?
A really good place to eat, includes mongolian and lots of sea food. For buffet it is outstanding.
One of my top fave BBQ places, but the least expensive. Tasty, variety of choice, home-style sides, soft drinks in a bottle or fountain. This place is a throw-back to real BBQ of the 50s, before things became commercial. Brought one of my picky friends here - he said it was the best BBQ he had ever ...