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“Tabla bar’s food tastes like home cooked meal. The food is neither too spicy nor too salty. It is just perfect. My Wife appreciated my suggestion of celebrating our anniversary at Tabla Bar. Desserts were the best...
“I am very fond of trying new restaurants. This time it was Tabla Bar. I had already heard a lot about it and my visit to the place was worth it. The restaurant was clean and the food served was delicious. The staff ...
“Bad customer service. Never going back again.
“always has fresh food and very good...and my bf and i use to go there at least 1-2/week... love the food and the people there they would try and teach my bf Chinese Japanese or whatever there language is they are by...
“wonderful place to hold a group meeting, the food is good, friendly service.
“I'm not a fan of the food because I do not enjoy salty food, however the atmosphere is relaxing and my young adults enjoy this place immensely.
“all Panera's nearby are managed well, and food is always on time and consistent. Enjoy!
“currently overrated. The service is not like it used to be when first opened.
“every family knows this place is here to stay for children's birthday celebrations. Enjoy!
“great all American shakes and a fun place to treat the little ones before heading off to the mall or movies nearby.
“when I travel I choose Subway 's healthy egg white flatbread breakfast.
“sorry to report out of business .
“not pressed. Salty food.
“a friendly neighborly place to hangout on weekends to enjoy a great cup if coffee and Bagel breakfast.
“I enjoyed coming here, unfortunately,I will have to report out of business at this location .
“I give this place 4 stars on service, quality food with 3 stars for being way to loud because the tables are right in top of each other. Ask for the private dining room to enjoy your company.
“A top notch family owned restaurant who treat their customers like royalty in a cozy warm atmosphere serving you outstanding gourmet entrées, appetizers, and homemade desserts. Truly a unforgettable experience. Res...
“this place has gone out of business
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