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2 star(s)
Mediocre. Disappointing. Probably ok if you're drunk or want to fill up on soup. The sushi is not for people who know what good sushi tastes like. (It tastes like fresh raw fish.) I got the sushi dinner. The individual pieces had a lot of wasabi wiped onto the rice below the cuts of fish. Some of th...
5 star(s)
We were on vacation and took my daughter. The location was perfect for downtown and the University of Austin Campus. I usually worry when we try a new veggie restaurant. My daughter loved it considering even though she is vegeterian, she's still a kid and picky. We loved it. Wish there was one ...
I agree. If the sign says parking for customers only, use your head and tell them before you high-tail it to run errands. Their food is awesome and they need all the parking they can get at that lacation.
5 star(s)
This is a great all vegeterian, mexican restaurant on the historic and rich east side of Austin. The food is served cafeteria style with generous portions. It is attached to a health food store and there are also interesting desserts. Unique Austin!
I was just reading reviews and had to comment on this. Your an idiot. You were not a customer, you were going to be a customer. I mean did you tell the restaurant you were going to eat there? you parked and left. How are they supposed to know that you are going to come back and eat there? use a lit...
5 star(s)
Excellent food and good prices. Perfect for lunch. try the tangerine mushrooms and the protein 2000.
1 star(s)
I stopped by Veggie Heaven while running errands today. I heard it was pretty good and felt like eating healthy. I parked my car, delivered some mail next door and on the way into the restaurant I saw someone TOWING MY CAR! I asked them why! "This parking is for Veggie Heaven customers only." "Bu...