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One of my top fave BBQ places, but the least expensive. Tasty, variety of choice, home-style sides, soft drinks in a bottle or fountain. This place is a throw-back to real BBQ of the 50s, before things became commercial. Brought one of my picky friends here - he said it was the best BBQ he had ever ...
I'll get straight to the point... skip it. Just drive the extra quarter mile to Rudy's for BBQ. Everyone raves about J's fajita meat... skip it... drive the extra half mile to Flores. Breakfast tacos are a joke. The "ham" in the ham & egg tacos... it's literally a slice of Oscar Meyer ham laid on th...
waaaaaay too salty!! breakfast tacos are a total joke.
Service was great! We travelled from San Antonio just to eat lunch. We were a bit disapointed with the brisket (too dry and almost no taste). The ribs and sausage were good as were the pinto beans (just like my mom used to make them). The beer was cold! Will return and try the brisket again.
2 star(s)
Rudy's flavor profile is simple: black pepper. So, if you tend to put black pepper on everything, then you'll love Rudy's. This place really took off after Texas became the alternate living choice for Californians. I lived in CA for a few years and this is what the BBQ there tastes like. I call it ...
If you like real Bar B Que don't waste your time with this place. They may have been doing it for a long time but they don't do it right. Worst I've ever tried. If the locals and others think this is good eating, they must not know what Bar B Que is really all about. Meat is plain and the side are e...
All the food is good the beer is cold, and dog freindly.
5 star(s)
I was there for mother's day weekend...This food is nothing but "AWESOME" I also brought home some BBQ Sauce that stuff is sooooooo gooood.... I highly recommend that everyone that goes to Austin shoud go there for the best BBQ...The guys and gals that work there are so cool and funny.. B. A...
Ruby's has the best BBQ in town. Period! The brisket is so smooth that it melts on your tongue, the BBQ sauce is just a hint hot (unlike so many others that think they can impress you serving a sauce that burns the living daylights out of you), everyone on staff actually listens instead of trying ...
5 star(s)
Rudy's consistenty serves up some of the best bbq I've had in Texas. The guys that serve the food at the counter are funny and attentive. Oh, and the cream corn is delicious.
Rubys BBQ is unique compared to the million and one other barbeque places in this town. They play good blues and also serve vegetarian friendly food items. Almost all the people who work there are in a band or were in a band at one point. Everything on their menu is excellent and they put alot heart...
The Best BBQ in Austin. Texas 100%Grain Fed Beef and Mesquite smoking makes it second to none!
Ok, it is not a fancy restaurant. But it is great value for your money. The meat is tasty and the cabbage salad with horseraddish is just yummy. Also, looking customers sucking the sauce off their fingers can be pretty amusing!
5 star(s)
the best restaurant in town! yay! my favorite!
1 star(s)
MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT...On the way to San Antonio we stopped at Stubb's because we have been big fans of Stubbs BBQ sauce for years. After we had to park across the street from the homeless shelter, we entered the restaurant. The staff was pushy and rude. The FOOD was awful. The sliced beef was n...
Best BBQ I've ever tasted! Oak smoked and delicious. It's so good he's catering the SuperBowl teams this year!
Expect at least a 15 minute wait at lunch. Food is great. Looks like a killer Happy Hour place. Huge patio right on the lake. Actually it looks more like a swamp to me and I imagine alligators to be lurking. Food is extremely filling. You eat at lunch and you won't be hungry for hours!!!!
5 star(s)
Let me give you a feel for the place.Moonshiners meet Greenday. Imagine a converted brick and wood barn, one of those places that you went to on a 4th grade school trip. Imagine John Cougar Mellencamp in a corner writing songs. Well, that's what it looks like, very casual & cozy. Now, for the wait s...
I've eaten the bbq, jambalaya, and wings and I think for the money the dining experience is great! If you want great service and great food for the price, you cannot beat the Green Mesquite.
I loved this place. The bbq is fabulous. I had a brisket and sausage plate, and the meat was tender and well-cooked. Very delicious. Bbq lovers everywhere need to visit. They do have long waits, however. Famous for their baby-back pork ribs. The waitress was very polite and efficient, and the...