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5 star(s)
the reviews you have are outdated. i have been eating at the china star on a regular basis for 6 or 7 years. the food has always been hot and really good. the service has always been outstanding. it is not just me, all my friends eat there as often as i do. when we get together for a meal, china sta...
1 star(s)
First of all this is Chinese trick to add the word Chinese to their name. All it is, is a TYPICCAL Chinese restauran. A lot of fatty food, not only faty but cold too. Shame on them to call it Chinese Afghan. What Afghan has to do with it I have no idea.
1 star(s)
We dropped into this restaurant because of its convenient location. We couldnt decide on what we wanted but decided chinese food sounded okay when we approached the place. I wish we had kept on driving. The food was cold and had that "recycled" look to it. We'd just sat down after our initial vi...
1 star(s)
My wife had eaten at China Star for lunch and said that it was very good. She said that it is very crowded at lunch time. On that premise, we decided to go there for dinner. The supposedly fresh shrimp and sushi smelled fairly pungent of age. The battered and fried chicken is any kind of sauce l...
1 star(s)
My boyfriend and I decided to try China Star tonight for dinner. I have heard many people swear up and down that this place has great food. The hot & sour soup was very salty with little other flavor except the green onion I added. The lo mein was disgusting at best. I have never spit food into a na...
4 star(s)
The food is ok, but it lacks the true flavors. The dessert bar is great. The general tso's chicken didn't seem to have the right flavor. Maybe some sushi would do the trick? The wait staff was ok, but the waitresses sat another party at our table and we moved to another table. Overall it is perfectl...