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5 star(s)
Wow now thats barbque!No other barbque restraunt could ever come close to that.It is trully a taste that i have not found anywhere else.Personal service with a real smile.They still have that small buisness charm that is forgoten by so many.Ive heard that they cater all of the UT athletics.Now I kno...
5 star(s)
#1 Do you love seafood? If yes, read on. #2 Do you mind making a mess? If no, read on. The Boiling Pot is on the corner of I35 and 6th street. It's colorful and smells delicious. Each table is covered with white paper, which I will explain in a few.They have at least 3 different types of crab to...
5 star(s)
Luv it! Manuel's menu choices are so good, you can't decide what to choose. Everything is the best! Great service, atmosphere, and food. I can't wait to go again and again.
The Old Pecan Street Cafe is fabulous. The food is top notch being the traditional old fashion american cuisine with some added features, and the atmosphere is like something out of a good ole fashion movie. The building itself is a historical site with an official marker on the front of the buildin...
5 star(s)
Okay, so far I've eaten at 2 Mexican restaurants prior to this one and one was classified as retirement home food. One had a great view and the food served it's purpose but the best I've had in Austin to this date is Ninfa's on 6th Street. Colorful interior,extensive menu and it is packed filled ...
5 star(s)
Let me give you a feel for the place.Moonshiners meet Greenday. Imagine a converted brick and wood barn, one of those places that you went to on a 4th grade school trip. Imagine John Cougar Mellencamp in a corner writing songs. Well, that's what it looks like, very casual & cozy. Now, for the wait s...
best filet mignon i have ever had!
Best in Austin, beats Ruths Chris.
I have been to many different Steak Houses throughout the States, and by far the best food, service, ambience is at Sullivans
Although the food is really good, the best thing about Sullivan's is the music in the bar on the weekends--the jazz piano/bass duo of Hank Hemsoth and Spencer Starnes is as good as anyone anywhere.
great food...fresh and the price is correct!
It tasted just like it did when I was in college! Thanks for feeding my "addiction".
Malaga Wine & Tapas Bar is in the warehouse district. Casual, cozy, very spacious yet private. This is where supermodels must eat. There are no entrees only drinks and appetizers. You can order 4 appetizers and be full. It's great if you just want something small and to try something different. The...
5 star(s)
Excellent food. Always fresh. Recommend the traditional Indian dishes. Meats that are good are chicken and lamb. Avoid the beef/steak (not so good here). SErvice is usually pretty good. Always call for reservations - this place is packed even on week nights...
5 star(s)
We went on a recommendation from some friends of ours the other night. I was looking for a nice place to take mt wife for our anniversary. The food was some of the best I have ever tried in Austin. We had the server, I think his name was Forrest, suggest wines to go with our dinner. They went pe...
5 star(s)
I love the restaurant. Great food!!!
Quaint restaurant with rustic food. Excellent service.
5 star(s)
This is a great all vegeterian, mexican restaurant on the historic and rich east side of Austin. The food is served cafeteria style with generous portions. It is attached to a health food store and there are also interesting desserts. Unique Austin!
5 star(s)
great food, as always
5 star(s)
There's just not much you can say about this restaurant that doesn't require superlatives.