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The food was ok, but not was not really great. Tranditional Persian cuisines like Khorshet Bamiah, Mirza Qasami, etc. are not available. A dish like Sultani would be really expected to be different than Kebab, but they are all the same. So don't pay extra for that. Persian tea was only tea bags. Ove...
Four of us went for the Saturday dinner buffet and were delighted. We are not Persian, so we didn't miss the dishes named by the previous reviewer, and we did thoroughly enjoy the food and the pleasant atmosphere. The dishes on the buffet were all unique and different from one another, and all del...
I really recommand this place to anyone who wants to eat real Mexican food. I love every thing about it. It is like home food away from home food. Everyone is so lovely. I truly recommand the crispy beef tacos. They are 3 huge tacos that are jamed packed with lettuce, tomatos, cheese, beef or chicke...
Excellent value. The Village Tacos plate is different than almost anywhere else I have eaten tacos. Be sure to get the corn tortillas; beef or chicken - doesn't matter which. You get 3 huge tacos, crammed with either chicken that has stewed in a tomato base or the ground beef that is lightly spic...
i really like this place. It was a nice simple resturant to go to. You get really attach to it. It is almost like another family. I would recomend the enchiladas, they are delicious!!
3 star(s)
food average, but not up to Austin standards
4 star(s)
They don't have a door greeter but it isn't as though we were ignored. We were seated within a minute and drinks were received in a minute. The speed was good, the food was better! I liked the fact they had WIFI but did not like the fact I forgot my laptop... Margaritas were strong and well-priced a...
3 star(s)
A Middle Eastern restaurant completely run by an Asian staff?? That was a first for me. The appetizers were very small and disappointing. But the main dishes were surprisingly good. As far as the location and ambience, the place looked scary at first, but once inside, it had a pretty authentic M...
great desserts,coffee
5 star(s)
This is a classic take-out place. The prices are dirt-cheap and the food is good. If you're looking for elegant chinese cuisine, this ain't the place. If you are in the mood for a large quantity of simple and good no-nonsense chinese food for under $5, you can't beat this place. In addition to t...
4 star(s)
food is good, margaritas are great
The restaurant is dirty. Needs a good cleaning and updating. The menu is too extensive. They should zero in on some dishes they can do good and stick to them. Try just simple home cooking instead the faux international menu. Service very slow. But I cannot get over how dirty the restaurant app...
5 star(s)
Oldest Chinese restaurant in Austin. Very friendly staff and good food.
Very fresh food! Good service. I will return! good value!
it is extremely good & it is fair in price! it is very filling and hearty home cook'in:)
Great Beer selection and service. Friendly people with a friendly atmosphere.
Opens at 11am for outstanding weekend Brunch on Sat and Sun. Dogs (leashed) are welcome on the La'Nai. Service was superb and friendly. This is a wonderful place to visit!
3 star(s)
The food was just ordinary, nothing spectacular. The ladies bathroom needs to be cleaner. Water and used towel napkins on the floor are hazards for slipping.
This place is expensive, run down and dirty!
5 star(s)
Wow now thats barbque!No other barbque restraunt could ever come close to that.It is trully a taste that i have not found anywhere else.Personal service with a real smile.They still have that small buisness charm that is forgoten by so many.Ive heard that they cater all of the UT athletics.Now I kno...