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Was at your restaurant this Sunday with 5 family members. One was my 96 year old mother in law and a 7 year old mentally disabled little girl who is vary hard to keep still. We waited 45 min for a table and was told we could not be seated till the "whole: party arrived. Yet there was a table availab...
5 star(s)
Superb presentation, fabulous food, wonderful ambience. An Austin favorite for special occasions.
I go here with adult friends to unwind. I usually have good service and good food (Love the Oysters Dioblo and broiled crawfish tails!). Although I love it with friends, I don't take my kids.
5 star(s)
There's just not much you can say about this restaurant that doesn't require superlatives.
I ordered raw oysters and boiled shrimp at Captain's. The waitress was very apathetic and slow. The food looked dirty, with sea sludge floating in the water and filmy on top of the oysters. The waitress neglected us as we waited, and a bartender came to our table, as I imagine he noticed our lack...
I don't know what happen to this place. They use to be pretty good. The last couple of times I went there the food has gotten worse and worse(Shrimp Diablo, Broiled Crawfish Tails and Fried Crawfish Tails). And the service with it(charged of items that I did not order). Sorry to see a good restaura...
We chose this restaurant for a very special dinner... meeting our daughter's future mother-in-law right before her wedding. We were quickly seated and then quickly moved to a quieter location when staff were told of the importance of conversation to this dinner. Service was excellent. Food orders we...
5 star(s)
Mariscos Seafood is a great place for authentic Mexican seafood. They have a variety of entrees at a very reasonable price. If anyone is in that neighborhood I suggest they stop by and try a shrimp cocktail or maybe some ceviche. It is a family run business and everyone is polite!!