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Quaint restaurant with rustic food. Excellent service.
1 star(s)
The patrons of this establishment are... believe it or not... RACIST. Don't ever go there if you believe in freedom or any such thing.
4 star(s)
A good place for nice English/Irish Pub Experience. They have an excellent menu with a lot of good "beer" food from nachos to salad to chicken fried steak, even british pub delicacies such as bubble & squeak and bangers & mash. They also have a good beer selection. And good specials on different nig...
4 star(s)
Nooks and crannies make up this place there is no doubt! One big maze. Perfect for a passed out drunk to be hidden for long enough to sleep it off and NOT be detected. I vote this as the number spot to have a Christmas Party.!!!! The food was perfect! brie and honey appetizer. Yumm!! Also, the best ...
3 star(s)
The Tavern... well on the outside it looks exactly what you would expect a Tavern to look like. Which is why it stands out sitting next to the local gas station. It's not too hard to spot, but the parking isn't the best. Inside it looks like a lodge of some sort, you expect it too be hazed over i...
Opens at 11am for outstanding weekend Brunch on Sat and Sun. Dogs (leashed) are welcome on the La'Nai. Service was superb and friendly. This is a wonderful place to visit!
Great Beer selection and service. Friendly people with a friendly atmosphere.