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5 star(s)
Walking into Moran's during the week it would seem like your average restaurant/pub, but looks can be deceiving. My husband and I visited several catering halls and researched a few restaurants for our wedding, but nothing seemed like the right fit until we saw Moran's. The restaurant is very warm a...
1 star(s)
Uhhhh, don't know who wrote the description, but this place is a bar, not a culinary destination. A very good bar with great specials, but still a bar none-the-less. Someone has delusions of grandeur.
1 star(s)
Awful service. The workers were mean to my children when they asked for photos. Everything was dirty.
1 star(s)
Very bad service. Dirty dishes left on surrounding tables for a long time (until we told them to clean it up). Bathrooms are filthy. Totally over-priced for cafeteria food. Alien at door very nasty to little boys that were touching her/his alien costume (what do you expect when you're dressed li...
5 star(s)
I absolutely love this place for many reasons. 1st of all I have been living in N.Y all my life and this place is by far the best value. During happy hour ALL appetizers are 1/2 price including oysters and shrimp. Plus on Tuesday's they have $2 specials on some beers. I also love Abita beers and the...
2 star(s)
Waste of money. I lived in New Orleans for nine years, so I believe I have a good sense of southern cooking. I can say that Acme is a poor rendition of southern food. The food was bland, and the restaurant was pretty dirty. I couldn't even finish my meal. It's pretty much a trap for unwitting NYU ...
We were skeptical at first but several of my friends have only said good things so we gave it a shot. What a pleasant surprise. the food was excellent. We had the wings to start. They were huge. I dont know any place that gives you wings with this much meat on them. Then we had burgers and they were...
4 star(s)
The children had a great time there and the service was very good. the servers took the time to come and speak with the children and have their pictures taken. Very relaxing for them and us.
Huge place, great food and super prices.
1 star(s)
This was very bad, end of story!
5 star(s)
An experience "out of this world!" On your "trip" to Mars you meet interesting creatures that will make you laugh like you never have before. A great place to bring the kids and really great for the big kids! The food is good and fairly priced with a twist on names so you really feel like you are...