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1 star(s)
Awful service. The workers were mean to my children when they asked for photos. Everything was dirty.
1 star(s)
Very bad service. Dirty dishes left on surrounding tables for a long time (until we told them to clean it up). Bathrooms are filthy. Totally over-priced for cafeteria food. Alien at door very nasty to little boys that were touching her/his alien costume (what do you expect when you're dressed li...
4 star(s)
The children had a great time there and the service was very good. the servers took the time to come and speak with the children and have their pictures taken. Very relaxing for them and us.
1 star(s)
This was very bad, end of story!
5 star(s)
An experience "out of this world!" On your "trip" to Mars you meet interesting creatures that will make you laugh like you never have before. A great place to bring the kids and really great for the big kids! The food is good and fairly priced with a twist on names so you really feel like you are...