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I am a Jamaican and let me say that this particualr Golden Crust SUCKS!!!!! BIG time!The food there is horrible. The curry goat is always salt and their oxtail is undone. the onlty thing i buy is the mild patty or the banana chips because I like them stale. Customer service sucks and they need to ha...
great food, people time
5 star(s)
I have been eating at Virgil's for at least 7 years and I have never had a bad experience! The food is terrific and the drinks will hit you like a ton of bricks! The "Fall Off The Porch Long Island Iced Tea" is the best drink that I have ever had in New York. I'm a native New Yorker now living in...
5 star(s)
BARBECUE, this is the one word to describe the smoky, tangy, saucy utterances that issue from MoBay Uptown's kitchen. I had gone many times before, for the whole snapper rundown, the crab cakes and the fabulous vegetarian offerings, but once I tasted the beef ribs,it's hard for me to go there and h...
The food is average,however, the service is horrible. They never have white rice and once i ask an attendant why there was no white rice she said, " because they don't pay me to cook rice, so i'm not doing it." The female employees are very rude, so you don't feel welcome and you certainly don't fee...
staff very unfriendly, especially the females. Never say hello and does not respond to you when greeted. Very nasty disposition shown by the staff at E. 23rd street. There is one guy that always friendly and offers good service The food is often times very good, however sometimes the curry goat s...
5 star(s)
This is the best barbecue in Manhattan. You can never get in on weekends. Try Monday through Thursday. Still might be a wait, but the mood is magical and gorgeous looking inhabitants at the bar are very friendly. Have a Harlem Mojito and kick back. The beef ribs are gargantuan, smokey and tasty...
1 star(s)
This has one of the most bafflingly rude servers I have ever experienced who should be avoided at all cost. Three friends and I ordered drinks from the bar and then decided we wanted to grab a snack, so we sat down for table service. We flagged the waiter and ordered fries, at which point, he say...
I worked in New Rochelle Westchester NY and the only Golden Krust in that town; I rate their food #2. They only uses Chicken "legs and thie" it taste Horrible. Come on! hole chicken aint that expensive.
I am a Jamaican who recently came to the US. I deeply miss Mother's and Tastee patties. When I visited Golden Crust for the first time, I became hooked. Patties are still my favorite lunch time meal and Golden Crust does a fabulous job. My husband is from the mid-west and he loves the patties.
I am from north carolina and i had the privelage to experience carribean food at the Negril restauraunt with my Trini girlfriend and it was the best food i had ever tried...thanks alot guys
I'm a Swedish girl, 22 yrs old. This summer I visited Golden Krust on Flatbush several times. I would recommend the cheezy-beef patty. I love it! I also love my boyfriend who works there and that I met the 1st time I went in to the bakery. Cool, huh?! I could have given the restaurant a higher grade...
I loved this restaturant! I am from the south and I know barbecue! This place has the best barbecue in the north!
I ordered a stew chicken lunch one day adn the chicken was not even cooked all the way. The attitudes of a majority of the female employees are very rude and discriminatory. I am Jamaican and I feel that the women treat light skin women very nasty. The patties are mostly crust and the meat is dry. M...
This place is great. First time I have ever been here, and we had service very fast, and the food came to our table in notime, and there was 7 of us, and this was the fastes service I have ever had. I liked it so much the next week I came back with my parents, and more friends. Pulled pork is great,...
Fun, lively, casual place. Not for vegetarians.
This restaurant has the best caribbean food I'v tasted between New York and Atlanta. The jerk chicken is the best. If you want a taste of the caribbean but can't afford the plane ticket this is the next best thing.
I've had barbecue dinners, but none like at Virgils, it is exquisit. THUMBS UP!!! Delicious.
4 star(s)
I was in town for the dog show so of course we came to this restaurant! I loved the whole concept of the place! And seeing the pictures on the walls and actually knowing the dogs was pretty cool too. I love the tee shirts and boxers and stuffed boxer dogs! It was really cool!