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Shell Inn
5 star(s)
in Westerlo
We were very impressed at the overhaul and the new owners are providing great menus and great food! A nice hidden place for a great meal!
Kelloggs Pan Tree Inn
5 star(s)
in Canandaigua
Pan Tree breakfasts are are golden experience. Start off with a great cup of coffee. Next order the STICKY BUNS. A delicious cinnamon gooey creation of which one should not be denied. Next delve into the Pan Tree pancake...
Evergreen Restaurant
5 star(s)
in Staten Island
It was a great experience for all who worked and eat there. A life style that could never be repeated again.
Lala Restaurant
5 star(s)
in Buffalo
Wonderful restaurant started and owned by a east European family. Unfortunate, they decided to close about 1990. Many miss them a lot.
Luca Bella
5 star(s)
in White Plains
I work for a high end auto dealership in the area .. So I know what it means to be perfect.. And Luca Bella's is no exception.. I would swear that mama is in the back cooking away. Italy in white plains.. Enough said.. B...
My favorite pizza place. The specialty slices are great. Every pasta dish Ive had is amazing. The penne alla vodka is the absolute best ive ever had.
Evey time I come here I have an amazing experience! The food is awesome the service is the best I just love coming here!
I come here every Friday with my family for shabbat. its a great time for us to regroup pray eat and rejoice with one another. its beautifully setup with the candles and the roses. they also have 3 different menus to cho...
Brownies Lunch
5 star(s)
in Amsterdam
Best hot dogs in the world!!!!!!
They've closed down, as of May 2014. I don't know exactly when it happened. There should be some mention of this with your listing. We got married there, and went back to visit when we found out last month. Peace.

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