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I have been going there for 20+ years. Even my kids are beginning to enjoy Indian food. My wife, who was not very fond of ethnic cuisines, became a convert and enjoys the gently spiced dishes from the menu. Thank you to my guys at the cafe. see you soon, probably tomorrow.
hey mughlai guys I have eaten in so many places but nothing comes closer to you guys. I mean really nothing as per the last guy who wrote review saying that you charged them a tip don't worry of such b/s from characters like these they never seen or eaten in fine Indian cuisine they don't recognize ...
Worst food ever ... highly deceptive appearances. DONT GO THERE!! Save yourself a horrible experience and dine at the nearby restaurants - Salaam Bombay or Baluchi's where you get a great meal for a comparable price
Kiran Continental should pride itself in accomplishing the impossible - making a mess of one of the most authentic and popular cuisines on the East Coast. The eatery serves the worst Indian food I have ever eaten for a price that would get me a great meal at any of the other Indian restaurants in th...
5 star(s)
I LOVE Curry & Curry! They have a great vegetarian selection on their menu, and their breads are consistently wonderful. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, the value is astonishing - the only drawback (and it isn't much of a drawback) is the decor. If youlove Indian food, you really mus...
5 star(s)
Go into this spectacular dive and watch the blaring Bollywood and enjoy the city's best dahl and garlic nan, without competition. The server/host is gracious and friendly, will remember your order after one visit and can make you any variation and heat level fresh. Amazing find!
1 star(s)
I made a delivery order and the food was delivered in a white paper and plastic bag, however, the three orders of samosas were missing. I called the restaurant because the samosas were not delivered. I talked to 2 people on the phone. Both made me feel like I was stupid and blind because they ins...
We went to Mughlai Indian Cuisine for dinner. The manager refused to accomodate our request to bring some of the dishes before the others and insisted on delivering all the dishes at the same time to our table. They got our order wrong. When the bill came we found that they had already included the ...
4 star(s)
For out of towners who are overwhelmed with the crush of Midtown Manhattan in general will find a very welcome respite at Shaan. The food and service are wonderful. The SPACE and comfort the restaraunt provides makes me feel like a sultan. I have read favorable reviews of the food from sources who k...