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Ambiance and the price were great as was the unusual turkish influenced menu. The food was only good though despite the turkish flair (like the golden crispy mussels and hummus and the Mediterranean fish).
best food ever...i am so happy we found this cute nice place i can't wait ...
Tiny cubicle, but great whitings. The place is literally a vestibule in a walkdown small store. Still folks line the sidewalk just to get in. I have a friend who makes her husband drive her from Brooklyn, NY to Harlem just to eat this fish. Reasonably priced. Fish and shrimp in a basket or buy as in...
The Brazilian lobster tails and Alaskan snowcrab were fantastic. If you really want to blow your mind get the Nicaraguan lobster
4 star(s)
Great food, great atmosphere, great concept ! As a true Scotman I really enjoyed my visit to St Andrews. The staff were friendly, the Scottish Tenderloin was delicious and the single malt list is one of the best I have ever seen. The prices are reasonable especially considering they're right in t...
American/Continental cuisine. Food is good. Deserts are special. Service is special.
4 star(s)
You may sit outside or downstairs. They have an early bird special (before 6 p.m.) I had the bluefish with sundried tomatoes and citrus sause. It was superb. I have dined ther three times and have had a great value, delicious dinner.
5 star(s)
Forget dining on shlishkes. At this restaurant, dine on exquisitely prepared dishes at real prices. The salmone alla mostarda fish was moist and fresh, not over or underdone. For appetizers, try mozzarella caprese, drizzled with basil and extra virgin olive oil. The service was good- I felt neither ...