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New York steak house Restaurant Reviews

New York steak house restaurant reviews photo

Welcome to our New York steak house restaurant reviews guide where you'll find top restaurants off the beaten path, both locally owned and chain. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the New York just might be the little mom and pop operations flying under the radar. For some of the best picks in New York, you've come to the right place.

Our New York restaurant reviews guide can help you make sense of the thousands of options out there. Happy eating!

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Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (09/18/2014)
“Evey time I come here I have an amazing experience! The food is awesome the service is the best I just love coming here!”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (09/17/2014)
“I come here every Friday with my family for shabbat. its a great time for us to regroup pray eat and rejoice with one another. its beautifully setup with the candles and the roses. they also have 3 different menus to choose from , either one you pick from its great food. i can rant all day about thi... ”

Ricardo Steak House

 3 star(s)  (06/04/2012)
“It was a nice place however the prices are off the chart to expensive for a restaurant in Harlem. I payed 284 dollars for a 3ppl dinner. What did we order? lol”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (05/30/2011)
“I bought a coupon online a couple months ago for Talia's Steakhouse and just used it tonight. I had never been there so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was amazing and I will definitely be back. The prix fixe deal was a great value, but aside from that, the atmosphere was a really perfect spot f... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (05/05/2011)
“This past Saturday night, my boyfriend and I ate out with another couple at Talia’s steakhouse. Talia’s is actually open until 4am that night, and unexpectedly we stayed until closing. There was live music, and a bar, so we really felt like we were able to fully enjoy ourselves. We ordered drinks, a... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (06/09/2010)
“I live close to Talia’s and recently went for the first time for their prix-fixe Shabbat dinner. It was much more than I expected for the price. The food arrived very quickly, and the waitress was always around to see if I needed anything. The steak was juicy and full of flavor, and the Israeli sala... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (11/20/2009)
“I had a great dining and entertainment experience at Talia's Lounge last Saturday. No Matter Where you go on Saturday night, start or end your night at Talia's. From 900pm to 300am, Talia's Lounge & Bar is serving a Glatt Kosher delicious food to Singles & Group gathering. My friends and I threw ... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (10/05/2008)
“What a delicious place to start your week. Talia's steakhouse never dissapoints me. I go there very frquently. Sometimes on a date, sometimes with friends and sometimes with family. i always start out with their nicely done delicious sushi, following that, I will always get the Thai Beef Salad. Then... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (09/15/2008)
“Talia's has a great variety on its menu and it's all sooo delicious! I have been there many times and I can recommend just about any of the steaks. And for dessert you have to get the chocolate souffle - it is . It is fudgy and warm and it comes with non-dairy ice cream - it is absolutely heavenly!!... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (07/19/2008)
“Excellent juicy burgers and delicious chocolate suffle. Polite and attentive service. Great cozy, romantic ambiance with outdoor cafe and live band.”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (04/30/2008)
“Talia’s is a great little restaurant for dinner out with the family, friends or business associates. It serves one of the best steaks in NY and it has full bar too! It didn’t disappoint our family for Passover either! For a whole week it was open throughout the day – from early breakfast to late din... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (03/19/2008)
“TAlia's steakhouse serves one of the most exquisite, tender steaks I have tried! I had a fabulous experience a few days ago when my girlfriend asked me to take her to a place for dinner in the city. Naturally, I was looking for something affordable. With its soft music for background, great server s... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (03/19/2008)
“Me and my boyfriend live in Queens and last SAturday we were looking for a nice, relatively inexpensive restaurant to go to dinner in the city. FReinds who live on the upper west side recommended TAlia's steakhouse and I have to say i have only them to thank for a really enjoyable weekend experience... ”

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar

 5 star(s)  (11/24/2007)
“The prime rib for two was superb! We receive a professional serice. The space is very cozy and warm. We will be back soon.”

Rosie O'grady's

 1 star(s)  (10/08/2006)
“I will never go back to Rosie o'Gradys. With the exception of the waiter who was very attentive and polite, the food was overpriced, poor quality in preparation and presentation. Whatever they are doing in the kitchen, is all wrong. Want a successful restaurant? Do the exact opposite of what they... ”

Rosie O'grady's

 1 star(s)  (12/06/2005)
“The staff treated my party rudely. When I mentioned it to the manager she said, "I told the girls to stop harrassing customers." The food was good but the waiter never came back to see how the food was or if anyone wanted another beverage. What really caught me off guard is when it was time to fi... ”

'21' Club

 5 star(s)  (11/22/2003)
“Hey! My name is Dominick and I was in Town with my wife Sandra and our new born Matthew!! And on behave of our family we want to thank you all at 21 club for a great time and for an outstanding service to us Amd for my Lovely Dad Domingo Rivera who has been with 21 club for the past 23 years! Once... ”

Post House

 4 star(s)  (08/10/2001)
“This expensive and worth it. The food is well-prepared and high quality. The room is beautiful. The place settings are lovely. My rating for service and overall dining experience would have been higher, if management had made the effort to train staff in correct handling of wine. We ordered a gre... ”

Dresner's Restaurant

 3 star(s)  (08/09/2001)
“American/Continental cuisine. Food is good. Deserts are special. Service is special.”

Gallagher's Steak House

 3 star(s)  (12/27/2000)
“good filet mignon, but poor snooty service”

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