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I rate Chili's as one of the best chains around. Their food and service is consistently good. I've been going there for many years now and they have just continued to prove their commitment to their customers. They are always full in the evenings so get there early!
Excellent food, fair prices and great early bird dinners.
I'm no Gordon Ramsey (thank goodness for me and everyone else), but I know good food and good flavors and good value and great people! Our family 'found' this restaurant only a short while ago, and it quickly became 'our favorite', whether for a quick "let's go out to eat tonight" place, or a gre...
This restaurant has one of the BEST New York style pizza here in Boca. The ambience is your typical family style pizzeria. You need to get there early for dinner or else you will end up waiting because their seats are VERY limited! Service is typically okay to good. That's okay because my family...
I went to Thick & Thin once and I loved it!!!! Now I go back every weak, Aside from the pizza I liked the seafood Platter
i have been going to thick and thin for about 20 years now, i get diffrent things all the time, but everything on thier menu is filled with flavor. i reccomend this restaurant to everyone
i love thick and thin! everything on there menu is so good, no wonder why they have been in business for over twenty years!
Excellant food, Fast and Friendly service. My wife and I go there ALL the time....
I like this place because I like coming with my friend JENAE and we come with her every Monday and Friday. We also come sometimes on Tuesday & Thursday! Her food is great!!
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This Restaurant is now Chow Thai, they have excellent service and great food beautifully served with butterflies and flowers carved out of carrots and cucumbers. Great desserts and ice cold coconut drinks right out of the coconut. Great prices, a neighborhood gem.
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One evening three years ago, starved for an epicurean masterpiece, fate guided my wife and I to discover the pearl of Thai cuisine in Boca Raton. The distinctive, earthy scent of fresh lemongrass greeted us as we entered. The space, at once peaceful and soothing, is decorated simply with Thai artifa...
Stay in CT where they don’t even know what good food is. Rude? Check your comments and spelling and you will find the definition of RUDE. CT……Stay home…. I have been going to this Family run restaurant (Tony Dell’s) since 1996; and the food has always been always superb. The Husband and Wife are ...
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Excellent Food and great service! Will definitely be back.
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To Whom it May Concern, My family and I are long time going people to your Clock restaurant in Gainesville Fla. on Main Street. We go on the same days in order to eat certain soups, sandwiches or meals and, we also go on different days just to relax and get the most delicious ...
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I had the pleasure of eating at the Clock in Gainesville recently, and wanted to let everyone know that we had a wonderful experience. My daughter attends FSU and her friend told us his mother worked at the Clock and that it was a sit down full service restaurant, so we decided to try it out. I ca...
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My family and I go to the Clock all the time and everything is always wonderful. The staff is very friendly and the restaurant has a very homey atmosphere. The food is always fast and fresh.
It is a quiet restaurant but many times it's is refreshing to visit and dine a restaurant where you KNOW you will receive excellent food and service and not have to strain to talk or hear conversation with your company. Excellent service.
It was a great place where you could get real korean Food!!! gotta try Bulgogi!!! Bibimbab!!!
They have fresh sushi!!! Also special rolls too...I had super yoshee roll which has tempura flakes on top of the roll... Was Very gooddd!!I really love it..
Finally there is a Korean Restaurant in Boca. I used to drive 30mins to eat korean food, but not any more!!! and MY hubby loves their Sushi also. Sushi is super fresh, eel sauce is so deliciouso!! It's not one of those Japanese restaurant but very cozy and lovely and good service. strongly recommend...