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5 star(s)
Unquestionably one of the best Italian restaurants in Boca Raton.
5 star(s)
This is a wonderful little trattoria in boca. They can make you anything!!! Chicken Cutlet? You Got It!! The Owner/Chef was born in Italy (like most the staff)! Staff is mostly quick with your request. I am telling you once you come you will come again! The food is AMAZING! -Matt
5 star(s)
One of my favorites. Always solid and never a disappointment.
5 star(s)
The food is always wonderful. Sometimes the service is a little unorgaized but the constant high quality of food is why we eat there every week.
5 star(s)
One of the best places in south Florida. It is a piece of Italy in the middle of Boca...
5 star(s)
This is one of the finest dining experiences in the tri county area. From the moment you enter you are greeted and seated. The door is locked after guests so that no one can interrupt your celebration.(remember,there are only six tables) My husband and I enjoy not having people interrupt our celebr...
thanks for reading my review. as a first time diner at saba on federal hwy, boca raton, fl, i was totally satisfied and pleased with my dining experience. i was happy to be cordially received and seated promptly as i entered. a fine meal with a knowledgeable waitperson ensued and finished with a ...
4 star(s)
When you can't get on a plane, Sapori is the place to go for the best quality and authentic Italian food. Don't go looking for American Italian. You won't find Veal Parmigiano on this menu.
4 star(s)
I eat here weekly for years and LOVE this place. OK-Service is unorganized, but you will NEVER be completely ignored. Great food, great atmospher. Best breakfast/food to eat outside or in. Also-My girlfriends come up from Jersey and Insist on eating here with me. One came up for the weekend jus...
4 star(s)
Loved the food - it was amazing. This place was hopping from the moment we arrived until we left. The menu options are fantastic
4 star(s)
We gals generally stop for breakfast or brunch before or after golfing. Portions are generous, we sometimes split an order, and the servers are very accommodating. We snowbirds go back every year !
I dine at Asian restaurants regularly from Chinese to Japanese. I have dined at Saba's on several occasions, sampling both its sushi and Asian cuisine menu. It is of my opinion that the food which is served at Saba's is of average quality. The food is neither bad, nor spectacular. Nothing I have...
2 star(s)
I was excited to go for Italian. Being Italian, I have experienced every part of Italy, I can appreciate the great food from various Italian regions; however, the food at Sapori is what I would consider Italian for people who _really_ do not know Italian food. I was greatly disappointed by the menu ...
1 star(s)
If you enjoy being ignored. I live around the corner. I enjoyed the location. The staff just ignores people. it is just amazing. You can be standing at the counter waiting and they just ignore you. I've waited for espresso for 23 minutes -- not one staff person behind the counter took my order. When...
1 star(s)
"The sign reads fine dinning outside I think otherwise. I can't believe that there is even one positive review on this place. I was not properly greeted. They lock the door the moment you take your seat which is a fire hazard. God forbid there is a fire. You could burn alive due to the fact that you...