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Junmae Take Out Chinese Food
5 star(s)
in Fort Lauderdale
I have been eating Winnie and johns for 30 years. They had a restaurant, then decided to do takeout. I have been eating their food every Friday for the past thirty years. I test any other to do better then them. My h...
The Hot Pot
4 star(s)
in Hollywood
Had a great time, cooking our own food at the table. Was a while back, but are going back soon. Used to be Stirling Country Kitchen.
1 star(s)
in Englewood
this service and employees such as Slav G are rude , plAy favorites with customers. ignore people waiting to pay and never leave a receipt at the tAble. this is an absurd way to do business. i am so mad after leaving...
Bamboche Take Out
4 star(s)
in Miramar
The griot was off the hook!!! Great take out place!!!
This is the best BBQ in the area. Very friendly owners. We will eat here again.
Cafe Vinales
5 star(s)
in Miami
I don't have words to describe how good this place is, the food here is that good that you will never forget you've been here, the service is great too, and you will even get to know the owners and every employee because...
The Tent Hookah Lounge
5 star(s)
in Jacksonville
Wonderful spot for food and hookah, its so beautiful lounge, relaxing, quite, and the service was awesome!!
I love this place. My 5th time going there was just more mind blowing. Every thing and every one is so amazing. Couldn't ask for better
China 1
4 star(s)
in Orlando
I spent 17 years in NYC dinning in some of the most esquisite Chinese Restaurants. Since i have been in Fla, this is one of the best Chinese cuisines that I have tasted since NYC. These owners and employees are more than...
Scallywags Emporium
4 star(s)
in Crystal River
Great Mexican food

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