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5 star(s)
This is a restaurant that has never been duplicated in South Florida. It was wonderful and the food was out of this world.
4 star(s)
One of Florida's most hidden treasures!!!!
Save your money. This overpriced, noisy restaurant has a wait staff that's in your face when you don't want to see them and gone missing when you want some help! The food is over-spiced, and has the taste of pre-cooked, stored in the frig. The sloppy guacamole, prepared at my table was not clean. In...
Agree! Over priced, not authentic! And yes food is pre made! I ran into someone that breifly worked there and confirmed my suspisions. The ingredients used to make "fresh" guac sits on the tray in the open all night! Save ur money! Go buy a bottle of tequila at the store and go pick up chipotle! It ...