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Rancho Grande Mexican

(770) 590-9660

1199 Bells Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30066

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3 Amigos Mexican Bar & Grill
Barber Bistro

Mexican Food & Culture History

Restaurant Description

We have the best margaritas.We won the Creative Lofing 1996 contest.Fun and relax ask for Walter he take care

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Reviews of Similar Restaurants

thanks for reopening its doors again, because their food is excellent and the service greatly improved and above all I love the combination of seafood with Mexican food or that there is an extensive menu for different tastes, once again thank you for ...
This restaurant reopen doors again but the service is poor... the flavor are nasty (not mexican food), I want to said this restaurant now is not the same like the pass months. I don't will come back. New service, new manager but poor service and foo ...
I just want to say I stop o this restaurant and the Best Manager like the Family of Kennesaw say he was on the cellphone all the time fighting with his girlfriend but absoluty is not good for the customers of the restaurant ... He took my order with ...
The Food Is just great and I have to say that I will concider it to be as good or even better than many recogniced restaurants. The new Service is so good, The new Manager Is just so nice and Prompt. I don't care what anybody says I love their food ...
Wonderful food, the best seafood in Marietta. Thanks guys I will see you soon. Debbie From Powder Springs.

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