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“We eat there today for lunch it was great ...the staff was awesome , absolutly the bast chic and dressing and lots of veggies , and healtjy choices too...we will be back
“Great. Great. Great! !!!
“The food is Great and prices are even greater..
“This is one of our favorite family places to eat..very affordable..great kids menu..great prices..LOVE the drive thru...VERY VERY friendly people which also makes for an excellent atmosphere!!
“very nice people has a nice time love eating here there food is very good i love the sizzling rice soup its awesome
“very nice place to eat the waitress was very friendly the food was very good
“Someone brought me a plate from there last week. The most greasy and overcooked food I have ever eaten. Ate there as a child and it was great. Everything tasted the same. I will never go there again.
“This restaurant is only OK. This is the 3rd time I've eaten there. The service is only ok. Not good, not bad, but only OK. The food is the same, only OK. After ordering and they brought me my food, I had to "reorder...
“excellent food better than hooters...not even close...great prices
“I love this place, I usually have my food delivered and they are prompt and the food is great and hot!
“el charo is the best mexican resturant i have ever had. i love their food espically the speedy. they have great service and i advise everybody to eat there. i love EL CHARO!!!!
“Great little place! Very nice prople run the place and really good food.
“It was very good food and service. I would recommended this restaurant to anyone who loved Chinese and even the ones who were planning on trying Chinese for the first time. It has been good time and time again.
“I have always had a good experience eating here. The fried wontons have often been handmade and the best that can be found in Griffin. The Mongolian Beef is excellent. We haven't had a bad meal and often enjoy go...
“I quit eating at this place because I got sick of having the same sauce poured over every dish - the result is that every item tastes the same...greasy and unappetizing. Mexican food is supposed to be fresh and wak...
“Place is a haven for roach and rodent activity. One reviewer found roaches in her sweet and sour chicken, and the the place was ordered closed by the Health Department recently for massive clean-up due to suspected...
“The waitresses are AWESOME! sort of like a family style type hooter's, but all the girls are a bit chunky...
“The owners must have reviewed this restaurant. The food is bland and overcooked due to sitting in the steamtable too long. This is not MY Mama's cookin'!
“This is just average bbq. After moving here from Texas and hearing all the attention this place got, I looked forward to eating here. I was disappointed. Not terrible but nothing great. I think the return custom...
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