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“Wonderful food, totally inexpensive, and fast!
“It was perfect! The dishes were served beautifully and the taste was perfection! I will make the drive to eat here any time!
“I had a friend pick up dinner, so I did not see the location or the inside of the restaurant. But I can tell you the food was GREAT! And the prices were reasonable. I will definitely be returning to the Roti House t...
“Food was amazing! Service was friendly ... overall nice appearance, and i had a great time overall. Definitely recommended. =D
“delicious food, best Guyanese food in town.
“Very Clean Excellent food!
“An experience in gourmet Chinese food that is one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. It is one of the few restaurants that I go to consistantly year in and year out and am never disappointed. Our company dinners ther...
“My wife and I have eaten in many fine restaurants across the United States, including the White House, Belgium, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Johannesburg, South Africa and Singapore. But our finest meal was served on o...
“The Food Business can become the favorite place for anyone who likes great fusion cooking. We have eaten here for lunch a few months ago. Last night we went there for dinner and can't say enough about them. We had t...
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