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“Don't be fooled by the other Thai Resturants in Metro Atlanta, This is the one by which to measure all the others. Excellent. Our family favorite, Chicken coconut soup, the Thai Beef Salad and P7 with shrimp.
“Excellent Thai cuisine. MY best friend took me here and I haven't stopped eating there since. Flavors of Thailand is the best Thai food in the metro Atlanta area, none other compares!!
“The most amazing restaurant ever! I love you all! courtney =]]]
“Best pizza I have ever eaten. I come from Tennessee once a month just to eat at Graffiti's Pizza. I wish there was a pizza place like Graffiti's near my home. I would probably eat there every day.
“excellent food
“Thai food is a healthy alternative to the typical American fat laden diet. This reataurant serves some of the best around. I've been eating here several days per week for the past year, and have always been more tha...
“This restaurant is wonderful! I have lunch there several times a week and it's always a treat. I've taken friends there and they all love it too! Al Barker
“If you want freshly prepared pizza, this is the place to come. The wait time may be about half an hour, which is fine with me because I like my food prepared to order. I recommend this place to anyone.
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