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“Some of my friends and I go to Blessings Cottage for lunch on a semi-regular basis. However, today our Red Hat Society ladies had lunch there and were very impressed. We were able to order right from the menu and ...
“This is a great place for a quiet afternoon lunch. The food is great....especially the potato salad.
“I came for a bridal shower and the ladies were lovely! They were so sweet and made everything go smoothly! The food was soooo yummy! I will definately be returning!
“This is such a wonderful place to eat. The service is out of this world great. I take my girls for breakfast and they love it. However, they think they must "dress up" for the occasion. They like to pretend they...
“Love the chicken salad and potato salad. Excellent food and service.
“great place thanks chris schlitz for bringing such a great resturant to our neighborhood
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