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just the best food clean and fresh . and food is so much . i love the there house hot suce .
5 star(s)
What an awesome dining experience! Terrific food and the menu is extensive! Wonderful value!
5 star(s)
Outstanding rolls; quality food and fast service.
This is the best Italian restaurant in Lewisville, bar none. The pizzas are great and the pasta dishes superb. Ask about the specials.
5 star(s)
FYI to the recent comment. Jackie died in November 2007, so the comment posted in 2008 referring to her recent passing was a little off. Finally, to the cretin, and you know who you are, you are an idiot and so is your friend. I hope you two slouching troglodyte gastropod slobs never set foot i...
5 star(s)
Le Cordon Bleu Chefs with excellent food and the highest priced item on the menu is $9.95. I was told about this place but only now, know that this is the place in Lewisville for the best food for the best price. Everything is made by hand. The staff is great and the food is fantistic. 5 star ...
5 star(s)
Ok, even if there was a roach problem weather you know it or not there are some kind of infestation in restaurants, so stop complain it could be worse...in your food! Also the person that doesn't like the old owner, FYI she just died.
5 star(s)
Mamas Pizza is delicious and the staff is very accommodating and always friendly. Of all the times I have eaten there, the experiences have always been great.
Great place to grab a slice or have authentic Italian. This site doesn't show web site. It's myalfredos.com. XL slice cheese just like New Yorks. My company buys from there all the time for big gatherings also.
This has got to be the most excellent place to eat if you love italian food! There pizza is the most amazing pizza i've ever experienced in my life.. And there cheese sticks and salad are to die for. There is one lady who has been working there for a very long time, She is very nice and friendly and...
5 star(s)
They do not skimp on ingredients..lots of cheese and good sauce.
Pretty good BBQ, great sauce - but service can be surly and it's pretty dirty looking.
I have been going to your restaurant monthly for the past year.The service is excellent! Plan on going again soon.
5 star(s)
A great place to meet for breakfast especially if you're hungy .. GREAT BREAKFAST !!
Good Food, Good Service, not fancy, but good hard working, friendly people making a living serving good food. Simply put, worth checking out. (I now go for lunch atleast once a week, not just dinner anymore.) Lunch Prices are great. (I now go so often, I wish they had a punch card for repeat custom...
best sushi around!
To the previous reviewer: First, the food is good. No dispute here. Second, and quite unrelated - the woman you called an idiot is not one; she is a friend and colleague, raised by competent parents and certainly no slob. She wears skirts more than pants and, by the way, is a server herself. I do ...
4 star(s)
You people knocking this restaurant are idiots. First of all, Jackie Shields has been through a lot in her life, beaten by Japanese soldiers when they invaded the Philippines, while her father was taken on the Bataan Death March. She still has scars. She, unlike some of the writers on this page,...
When I entered the restaurant there were no customers. There was two people working. One, a man was very pleasant but sick, he was not serving food and was cashier. Another employee, a girl, was making food and was not pleasant, angery and throwing the pans on the counter behind her. When I made com...
5 star(s)
We went Sunday after church and the food was great! The people were friendly. Great to the kids. Country decor. There was a great mix of people of all ages. Will definetly go again.