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Great, try the Spinach Quesadillas with Chicken!
10-2-2011 at Lunchtime was our first time there; and notwithstanding this "review", we intend to go back again. **PLUS Salsa was Super Awesome!!= in all our eyes and really Spicy like we like it, as well as decently flavorful too. ->(But whisper to Chef that for majority of most restaurant patrons ...
Kind of mediocre but has a good atmosphere. They dont leave any pink in the middle of the fajitas. Spinach quesadilla is terrible. House margarita is waaaayyy too sweet and has little lime.
very popular with the locals, grab your tray, tell them what you want and pay the cashier...had meatloaf, it was good
3 star(s)
This place is actually right off interstate 20 at exit 506 or therebouts.... plenty of truck parking and the stuff the cowboy had on his plate looked really good, but my BBQ pork platter to go, was mediocre on the ribs, but kind of a plus on the sides.... Remember to add your BBQ sauce to the bea...
This place really sucks! it's truly terrible. The food taste like it's been microwaved and the drinks are way over priced. Take your business somewhere else!
4 star(s)
Great tex-mex. Ample servings. Diner atmosphere.