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The food is cheap and the service bad poor. You can't treat a customer so rudely. I'll never go back!
5 star(s)
Best Jamaican food in the Dallas area. Can only be beat by traveling to Jamaica, or marrying a Jamaican
Great food, even for those not accustomed to Thai cuisine. The only thing is that they don't have a kids menu, but my terribly picky 3 year old loves the chicken satay. Wonderful service, and the mango and sweet rice dessert is to die for!! Would and do recommend to everyone to try!
Very good daily buffet in taste and value. Great food, particulary the butter chicken and the vindaloo. Polite, courteous staff although not always attentive enough for 5 stars...the food however rates a solid 5.
Hey I gotta tell you this place is great! I'm from New York and I grew up eating New York pizza all my life. This place has one of the best pizzas I have ever had and their supreme pizza is absolutely amazing. Also, the owners make me feel like I'm family when I eat there. I can't wait to try the ot...
1 star(s)
They claim to deliver on their Web site for the Rowlett, store, but they do not. If you want delivery, do not trust their Web site. If you want delivery, try pizza, or if you're in Rowlett, Jason's Deli. They're not very fast, but they don't lie on their Web site, and they do deliver, so you can tru...
Love their salads!
My first encounter with Ms. T's was for a Juneteenth celebration event I was hosting at my place of employment (huge company, but can't say names!). EVERYONE exclaimed how good the food was and it truly was very good! I do not eat catfish at all, but one bite of Ms. T's fried catfish and I found m...
1 star(s)
This place has the MOST HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!! After ordering food from this place for over 3 years, they claimed they no longer wanted to deliver because we did not tip them enough! All i have to say are 3 words... HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!!!
Ms T's food tastes like it just came out of your Grandmother's kitchen. I was so taken by the friendly staff, large portions, and wonderful prices. This is a great place for lunch or a wonderful evening out. The ambience just as perfect for an intimate date as it is for a night out with the girls. Y...
5 star(s)
This is the best place ever to get burgers, I love it. They have now built one in Rowlett in the Tom Thumb shopping center. Cant wait to try that one!!
2 star(s)
o.k. the ones I rate rated 5 didn't apply. I got my pizza delivered. I will not order from here again. Pizza is not fresh and I think the owner should know the guy that answer the phone tells customers there is no Parmesan cheese. I know his name but I'm not going to be a tadle tell on him. Just t...
2 star(s)
I was lured by the previous reviews and was sorely dissappointed. I did not get a burger and that may have been the problem. Otherwise everything was substandard and I will never go back.
5 star(s)
Absoultly suggest this restaurant to anyone! Both my husband and myself have a new favorite "burger" place. I had the jungle Chicken Sandwich which was awsome and my husband had a double meat burger that he said could not be matched anywhere (puts wataburger to shame)!
sadly they no longer deliver but go in it is wonderful food!
5 star(s)
Best burgers ever!!
5 star(s)
This has got to be the greatest restaurant around the Carrollton area! We frequentley order for delivery and it comes quickly, we always get exactly what we order and the food....The food is just fantastic! You have got to try their Jungle burger with onion rings! Or their Chef salad, it is unli...
5 star(s)
Real Hanburgers and REAL french fries. On a scale of 1 - 5, they have to rate a 10.
5 star(s)
I have just experienced the most delicious food that I have tasted in a long time. Everything here is made fresh! They make their own hamburger patties and fries (with real live potatoes!). It's all fresh food. Their grilled chicken is also to die for! Like I said, I haven't had food this good i...
5 star(s)
This is a great place for burgers, I had heard about their burgers so I went to go try it out and they were delicious. I Give their burgers 5 stars.