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Best restaurant in Dallas. The food is always fresh. The staff are friendly and always explain everything that is in a roll. That alone deserves five stars.
From large parties to couples, families with children will have a wonderful experience. The sushi is as good as any I have had. My family drives quite a distance to dine here!
This place is by far the best sushi place i have ever been to, seriously. The butterfly kisses are to die for, and the sushi is extremely fresh and large too. The place has a sleek, cozy finish to it. I love it!
5 star(s)
Sushi are reasonable and excellent. Favorites are the spicy volcano, Texas, and rainbow. The all-time favorite California roll is excellent too. Miso soup is tasty but a bit salty. Edamame (soy beans)is a great healthy appetizer. Curry noodle not so great. Service always friendly.
Food is excellent. Eastern influence with a western twist. Combination of fresh herbs and seasonings like basil, cilantro, chopped peanuts make entrees tasty and light. Lemon grass beef on vermicelli and papaya salad are excellent. Also, the grilled salmon with spinach fettucini. Try the eye-ope...