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The most horrible experience in my life, the food its not food, its cold junk food, dont have taste, not nice.
Great food, never feel rushed to leave. Kids are all around and like the food. The tortilla soup is the best my wife has ever had. It's like a meal, she just share some of my and we are always pleasntly full when leaving. Sopapias are excellent, special ice cream really adds to it. Dave from Roc...
5 star(s)
Cheap, I mean we get out of here cheap, and who can afford Uncle Julio's with kids. Julios costs us $51 ... Mario it's like $28... No question I will eat Mario twice, instead of the over-priced others... Don't get me wrong, I like them all, but if it's a wash..I go cheap...
We have been going to Rio's for several years now from the Royal Lane location to Preston Road. We have always had excellent service to go with the excellent food. Ramon has always been gracious as a host and his new place though not as cozy is just as warm and friendly. Did I mention the food? Abso...
I have been going to this restaurant for a while and the food has always been pretty tasty until today we had a terrible experience with the owner who was extremely rude and nasty to us. They were having trouble with their banking machine and ask us if we had another method of payment and when we to...
My wife and I went here on Friday night. I ordered what was supposed to be filet tenderloin chunks in a sauce with a cheese enchilada. The meat that came on my plate was not tenderloin. It was skirt steak. When we talked to the manager he was emphatic that they do not use skirt steak and then he...
Great mexican food. Stuffed japs, fajita nachos, quesidillas, fajitas, and sour creamchicken enchilidas are all very good.
Excellent service and food Staff very friendly and recognizes repeat customers
I am a business consultant (who loves Tex-Mex) and this is one of the best managed & run businesses I've seen in a very long time. The food is excellent with good value. The service 'tude is superb. A family operation of long-standing, Ojedas is a Dallas prize and management especially deserves gian...
I have eaten atis place 5 or 6 times. An OK place for texmex but not what other reviews have described. I may eat here again but there are other places around that will compete.
Nice atmosphere. Portions small for price. Skirt steak plate with 4 oz steak, plaintains, beans and veg is about $15.00. Best deal is Tues &Thurs $2.00 Mojitos and 1/2 price Margarita. The Mojitos are very good.
I live in California and have been to Monica's while working in Dallas. As all road warriors know, there are great restaurants in each city we visit. However, few come close to Monica's. I crave Monica's Black Bean Raviolis. The food is out of this world and reasonablly priced. The decor is com...
Nice atmosphere. Doesn't stand out as a Mexican restaurant, but the El Salvadorian offerings are fabulous (try the sampler).
5 star(s)
Great Margaritas, Huge Fajitas, Best Place to hang out on the patio and kick back a few coronas. Ride your Harley down on Sunday... Everyone else in Dallas does.
4 star(s)
Definately one of the best Mexican Restaraunts in Dallas. Seafood Enchiladas, Chile Rellenos and Quesadillas are the best! Margaritas are awesome as well!
Ojedas is unquestionably the best Tex-Mex to be found-definitely worth the wait in line! The smokey refried beans could be an entree. The ambience is delightfully un-trendy. Be careful, Ojedas is habit-forming!
Ojedas is the best food anywhere. Try the puffed taco, cheese and onion enchilada and chili relleno combo. It is unbeatable. And the best part is there is an Ojedas coming to Lewisville soon!
Best Mexican restaurant in Dallas. Get there early for lunch or you will have to wait. Great enchiladas,bean and rice. I hear their magaritas are great I have yet to try one. TL