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Clay's Wings are a must if you are living in or visiting Atlanta! The Lemon Pepper Wings are the BEST! Try them,you will have a lasting memory which will keep bringing you back!
Best wings in the world!!
Good food. But the old dude ( THE DELIVERY MAN ) got mad at my girl because she didn't tip him enough. A matter of fact, the next time he delivered to us he complained to me but my girl not tipping enough. CRAZY!!!! He needs to be fired!!!!.
The food is really good, but the customer service is very bad. the delivery driver got mad because he felt that I didn't give him a good tip,so the next time I placed a order they over charged me, then when I called and asked them they told me that the driver told them that I didn't give the driver ...
Hands down the best wings in the city. Been going there for over 15 years and love it more every time! Great "hole in the wall" atmosphere, friendly service, cheap beer, and awesome food. If you're not a wing fan, Clay's has hamburgers, pizza, subs, huge salads--something for every bar food lover! G...
5 star(s)
The food is incredible!!! Its not you're typical Frontera Mexican Restaurant food..this one ACTUALLY HAS TASTE!!! The ambience and the people there are great!!! It all reflects on their owners, who have such a wonderful personality!!! Overall, my exerience there was so great, I'm planning on doing ...
Don't get me wrong the food is really good but the customer service sucks. The delivery guy was ruded and drived off with my changes because he was mad that he didn't get a tip so i went up to the store and flipped out on them. (Good food Bad service!)
Placed a take out order for delivery. The person taking the order got the delivery date wrong....delivered a day ahead....when I called to report the error....he was rude. Said I made the error...Swore on the phone using the F----- word, hung up the phone. CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE STINKS.....WILL NE...