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4 star(s)
love the restaurant... however they give to little oxtails for the price.. also the plantains where hard and not sweet.. something I quickly overlooked once I sucked down a nice spicy oxtail.. the rice and peas were good as well.... overall I give a Low 4...being saved by their awesome oxtails!
Good place. BBQ is good. Cole slaw a little too watery, but okay, beans are more vinegar, sauce and tough beans, Brunswick stew good but been through blender a little too much and slightly too spicy. Not a bad place but honestly these joints just don't know sides at all. At least they weren't bad th...
Pretty good bang for the buck. Back in business after a 4-5 year rest. Word spreads fast and I'm sure the other BBQ places are feeling their return. My only problem is the people they get handling the take-out. There is always something missing it seems. New trainees maybe. But if you let Glenn or J...