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1 star(s)
The server was very rude. I placed an order for a combo. The next customer ordered sweet tea. She gave me the sweet which I proceeded to drink. When the other customer asked about her tea. She said the combo comes with can soda and she told me to give the tea to the customer. The tea I was drinking!...
Overpriced and Overated will never eat here again. 5 guys blows this place away!!!!
3 star(s)
I went to Burger House in Sandy Springs, GA (Highway 9, at Dunwoody Place) and it's basically the exact same thing as Rhea's, right down to the option of having Texas toast instead of a bun. I'd give the edge to Rhea's as well - it's cheaper and the food tastes exactly the same. Don't get me wrong, ...
5 star(s)
The Best Sandwitches i had ever had , give a try its worth
5 star(s)
This is one of the best burgers in Atlanta! I've eaten them everywhere and believe me, Jewel puts his own flavor to a burger. It's cooked to order right in front of you and the taste is outstanding. You simply must try this place!
3 star(s)
Atlanta's Alabama Football HQ--they carry all Bama games on multiple TV's.