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1 star(s)
food drop down on the floor and pick up and put on the tray to sell it to customers. Food left over and sell to customers. I order food over $300 and they got ruin with smell and desert was not completely cook. I had to throw a lot of food away and waste my money. I am not going to order food ...
5 star(s)
I come here every weekend to buy their yummy desserts and pastries. I've even ordered a birthday cake for my son and it was wonderful
I'm a New York native, and been living here in the Atlanta area since 1996 and have tried restaurants in Dekalb, Clayton, and Gwinnett, but New Hong Kong City is the closest thing to that N.Y. taste. The food is alway fresh and hot and the price is right! If you go home and find they made a mistake ...
Ive been living in Gwinnett for 5 years & I am ver picky about where i choose to eat. When i first dined in here i was beyond satisfied. The food was fresh & hot. The taste is very pleasing & the amount you get for what you pay is worth it. Its very reasonable. New York style food. I recommend this ...
We eat at Donny's every friday for their incrediable turkey and dressing. Not only do they give you enough food for 2 meals but the value (around 6 dollars)for your buck is sweet! Every day they have mac and cheese that is as good as mom's! They have enough choices for everyone in yor family on ...
I absolutely love this restaurant. I been eating here since i moved to gwinnette in 2008. I compare all other Chinese restaurants to Hong Kong City, and they are no match To Hong Kong City's fresh food, good taste. It is always hot and delicious. That's why I now do not eat at any other Chinese rest...
We always get delivery, but always hot and delicious. Very courteous, generous servings and tasty for take out. Triple Mongolian with brown sauce is terrific.
Top marks for this fabulous Thai restaurant, loved the food, loved the service and the attention to detail. Would visit again......
4 star(s)
This has been my favorite chinese restaurant since iv moved to the metro atlanta area, the staff has always been friendly. Food hot always and fresh. Cleanliness is ok nothing bad its your typical chinese take out joint. I will go extra miles just to come here.
The best Thai restaurant I have ever tried!! I've been coming to this restaurant since 1994.
1 star(s)
I was so mad I wanted to scream at the manager for hiring such "bimbo's" to bar tend! They completely ignored me while I was waiting for a friend. I noticed they ignored several other "Older" people and we all agreed, nope, not coming back here. I guess we're not dumb enough or sport a tattoos on ...
Food was well displayed, and they had a large variety. Tasty and hot. Service was excellent. We went with 3 children, 2/6 and 1/8. No problem. Will definitely go back.
5 star(s)
Awesome food & sexy people
5 star(s)
Excellent food & service. Comfortable seating. The portions are very generous & the people who work there were friendly & made us feel welcome. We will be back!
2 star(s)
I was a customer for several months. This place is a win if you like pretty girls... otherwise, it blows. Management thinks everyone owes them patronage. What's on the menu rarely comes out on your plate. Katie was the places saving grace but unfortunately she couldn't be there 24/7.
5 star(s)
The food was delicious and the ambience is really traditional.
I attend a party in Kohinoor, the food was very delicious, I really enjoy the party.
1 star(s)
TERRIBLE!! No customer service...I was a regular customer (re-iterate WAS!!) for over 7 months. And the one time I took a cigar out of the case (on the bar) BA insisted I be charged $20 for on that was listed at $10. I stopped going after that ( a month or so ago) and when I went out with a few ...
Emiko's is my favorite sushi place outside of Atlanta! Anytime my husband says where do you want to eat, I just smiles and he says, "I know, Emiko's". The Rock Me Baby is the BEST thing on the menu, and it's a pretty large portion. We always order a fresh seaweed salad to go with our meals(sounds ...
1 star(s)
...this place is awful. I have been a regular client for the past 7 months. The management has yet to be friendly and personable. Over the past 2 months (I go once a week on average) they have consistently over charged me, so if you go make sure the bill they bring is accurate. Two days ago I ...