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5 star(s)
Im Cuban so i am very picky whenit comes to my the food it has to be like abuelos and it was as close it can get.
5 star(s)
I have frequented this restaurant a few times and have never left unsatisfied. As a native Atlantan of Puerto Rican heritage my family and I found the food to be very authentic and reasonable. The service was excellent and the ambiance quaint. The owners were very friendly also. Love the lemony garl...
1 star(s)
I went to this resturant several months ago, ordered my food and waited, and waited, and waited. After about 30 minutes I went upstairs and asked for my money back because I had to get back to work. They had an attitude with me and said my food was sitting on the counter about to be served. I got...
5 star(s)
By the way, the Pollo Frito and the fried plantain were wonderful. Also, black beans a rice served with fresh olive oil on the side really schooled me in the basics of Cuban cuisine.
5 star(s)
I am a Midtown son long since flown the coop(93-97). This place holds a special romance for me.The beauty of midtown atlanta nestles this perfect cuban dining experience. There is no gratuitous spicing of the food. It is hearty with home kitchen taste. Not being of Cuban origin, I can still attest ...
This is a great restaurant and the food is excellent, especially the pork. Even the Cuban coffee is authentic (they don't pass regular espresso off as the real thing). However, I would suggest dining way before closing time as I often get the impression that they want to close up ASAP, even on Satur...
4 star(s)
Las Palmeras is located in a midtown neighborhood...very cool spot. The rotisserie chicken was cooked well, but it was a little bit greasy. They claimed it was the special of the night, but i've had much better for less. For Cuban-style chicken, it needed more flavor. The yuca was cooked just ri...