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5 star(s)
The only real pizza place in Greenville and Hunt CO!
This review is from memory and although there are 4* throughout the overall rating is 5* because is no longer exists(lost to fire). It was good food with a line out the door and around the corner at lunchtime. Landon winery uses the empty lot as a vinyard and patio which will soon give forth a Green...
The food is deliscious but I wish they would get a drive through so if you had to wait you wouldn't be the center of attention at the register. They don't start fixing a call in order until you get there and make you wait. Also, they put the salsa and soup in regular styrefoam cups and they spill ...
Great authentic Mexican food.. Great Service and the price is right...will be back again and again...
it was bad and horrible
Great Eats
Its a very decorative mc donalds. Theay have plants, booths and evrything you'd need while u scarf down a double cheeseburger or some other crap. The lighting in it is cool too. and the service is about the same as any other mcdonalds: fast and reliable. TILE FLOORS too which reflect the ambient ...
This is not a sit down type place, but it is great for take out and for catering. We actually ordered Ernies for our Christmas dinner! One down side is they close early. Make plans late afternoon to pick up something to take home for dinner.
On Saturday February 9, 2008, my wife and I ate at your restaurant for only the third time. We drove forty miles just for the pleasure. There were only about three other tables around us occupied at the time. We placed our orders and then several other parties filled seating around us. After about f...
had a great time and will be back
My girlfriend and I both love Chili's but the one here in Greenville is way below par. Our food has never been good the 4-5 times we've been there and I can't say too much for the service either. We have just given up on it. If we want Chili's we go out of town.
Excellent Tex-Mex fare. Very authentic family owned restaurant. Good salsa and fresh tortillas. Try the pechuga al a parilla.