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5 star(s)
Dear “A diner from Plano” my response on this board was not a personal attack to you or the owner but the truth about our dining experience. My response was not a pissed off response but yet a comment on a “Real Live Person dining experience” that is not related to the owner of the establishment. ...
We made Reservations for 4 people upstairs in front of the window. We arrived 15 minutes before our Reservations time and were immediately hustled to a table downstairs. We asked politely about our request for reservation upstairs by the window in which you would have thought we had just hit the g...
Whoever the person that just reviewed this place is, is real stupid. If you are pissed keep it to yourself. Adelmo's has been around forever. I knew him from my previous two marriages when he was the maitre'd at the Mansion and the Pyramid Room. He cares for your business. He has a passion ...
Way to go,Plano diner!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Plano diner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 star(s)
Enjoyed the food it was authentic Kenyan cuisine.
This is truely the best Steak & Lobster House in Dallas...I've been to them all! Al is always there to meet and greet and the service is outstanding. The menu selection is vast and the taste is consistantly outstanding.
This dining facility has a remarkable venue! The quality of food is exceptionally consistent and deserves high ratings. Very family oriented but leans to cater to the adult side. Very casual including shorts. Ambience is "down home" friendly. Facility is a converted drug store where this patron "jer...
My favorite pizza in Dallas.
4 star(s)
Great food. Been going there for years. Prices are very reasonable, and you have an option as to the size of your entree. Try it!!!
Andrea's is small, cozy and fabulous. The service is supurb and friendly. The food beautifully seasoned, prompt, with full rich authentic italian flavor. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual. If you go on a weekend, make reservations. We will be back!
Angela's Bistro 51 is a hidden jewel in the bustling Uptown District. The building is ripe with character, very romantic at dinner with beautiful floor to ceiling windows and candle light. The food is delicious, very fresh, very flavorful and save room for Angela's made from scratch buttermilk pou...
The restaurant was absolutely beatiful and the service was decent. Even though we had made reservations ahead of time, we had to wait 20 minutes before we were seated. We got our food fairly quickly after ordering it and it was delicious. I don't know if it was by mistake or not, but when the bill ...
We got there early so we went upstairs to the bar to have a few drinks. We come back down right at 7:30 (our reservation time) and they tell us it’ll be just one minute and to have a seat. TWENTY minutes later we asked them what’s going on and it’s like they just remembered us and finally get us a...
This place used to be very good, very accessible and with very good prices (Before the renovation). Now is almost imposible to get there, with an awful service and very expensive. I will never go back again.
Our server took forever to greet and he never dropped by to see how we were doing. Our steaks came out and there was no juice left in them, they appeared to be about 2 weeks old. Everything took forever and I felt very crowded.
Tried to enjoy a nice porkchop dinner, the service was unbearably slow, the food was dry, and very pricey.. Next time we'll have drink and enjoy the view and skip the dinner.
The service was terrible and I didn’t even get a smile. When I ordered my food it was also dry and I didn’t even eat it. When desert came, it was the wrong thing and I told my waiter that it was labeled as a different desert at the door display. He argued with me about how I was wrong and when he...
Why did we decide to have an anniversary dinner there? Because besides just celebrating with drinks and dinner, we thought the ambience of the tower and the view would make it more special. We were disappointed with the service and the food for the prices they charge. We tell all our friends when co...