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4 star(s)
This restaurant is so good. A hidden gem.
We ate at Fujisan Japanese Steak House today and we had our granddaughter with us. Everything was excellent - food, service, friendliness. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. My 2 year old granddaughter was so entertained she didn't want to leave!
4 star(s)
Great portions and value! My shrimp and chicken were so full of flavor! Can't wait to visit again!
3 star(s)
I love the food at Japan Inn... I have been 3 times in the past 2 weeks... The all you can eat lunch sushi is GREAT.... BUT... (there's always a but)... be prepared for lunch to take a full 2 hours... the kitchen is SLOW AS DIRT getting your food out to you... and if you do not order massive amounts...
4 star(s)
This building has been bad luck in the past for restaurants. We tried this place today at lunch for the first time since it became Japan Inn. I like the changes that have been made. The teriyaki chicken was excellent and the rangoons rank up there with the best I've had. We decided that in the n...
Good food and dining experience for the money.
5 star(s)
good food, pretty fast, portions are generous
1 star(s)
I thought I was going to spend a wonderful evening at Kanki at Glenwood Ave. But the evening went horrible. The waitress didn't hear our order correctly, then the cook did not put enough soy sauce in the rice. The rice tasted plain. The chicken was undercooked and the drink was not cold. The waitres...
5 star(s)
This is the best for fast food dining. Low cast, a lot of food and very very tasty.
wonderful environment and great sushi! Also good for take out.
This is the worst restaurants that I have ever been. They did copy everything from KANKI, but too bad, nothing come out to be the same as KANKI. Server is really bad, hibachi chef is not experience at all. meat and veggie are not fresh. overall, I would say it is extremely awful. do not ever and eve...
Excellent fresh sushi; authentic presentation; friendly and helpful waitstaff
Food is bad and too expensive. The server was slow and not nice. I will not come over here again in my life. I think this restaurant copied from Kanki, but not as good as Kanki.
5 star(s)
Oh where do i start?This is a very fun peaceful place the food is amazing the waiters are kind except they sometimes take a while to get a refill on your drink .The place is peaceful friendly and the eating is good and child or human for that fact will have a great experience here!