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Worst dining experience in my life, don't even think to dine there
there is a manager named norma who is very ignorant disrespectful and rude.........as long as i have been eating at this kfc i have never heard any employee speak to other employees the way she did .......i will contact the labor board and the main kfc concerning this matter
3 star(s)
Well, Tricia has not been hired away yet, and if the management keeps their wits about them, they won't let that happen. When people say one person cannot make a difference, they don't realize how wrong they are. I just moved to Wake Forest and stopped in one day for lunch. I now make sure it is ...
2 star(s)
Every time we go through the drive throught they get our order wrong and have to recharge our card at least twice. Good value but poor service.
If you go through the drive through be prepared to wait FOREVER!!! They will tell you to pull forward and it will take a good 15 minutes.
1 star(s)
I went to burger king after working out on Sunday April 19th 2009. I arrived about 7 pm. I ordered off the value menu 2 spicy chicken crisp sandwiches Plain and a small coke with no ice. I get my order and I ask for barbecue sauce. the girl who took my order said they are 15 cents extra. I a...
4 star(s)
Always a great place for lunch. Great staff.
5 star(s)
I was 12 years old when I here, and simply put; the food was amazing.
5 star(s)
There is a lady named Tricia Bowman there during the business day who manages to turn fast food to fine dining. Someone will hire her away, she makes the place perfect. I eat there three to five days a week.
5 star(s)
Great place to come and eat out with your entire family.