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What a great restaurant with a kind and generous staff. They were nice enough to create a dish that was not on the menu but was my favorite Indian dish. They prepared it beautifully. The rest of the food was flavorful and authentic. My one concern was the heat level. Traditional one through five, an...
5 star(s)
My wife and I have dined at Biryani House several times. We originally went there on the referral of an Indian friend who eats there often. Although I had eaten in an "Indian" restaurant before, being from Kansas, I had no idea what great Middle Eastern food was like! Biryani House is excellent. The...
Not only fabulous entres, but a pizza to die for! Daily specials, Monday night buffet, albeit small, the buffet is very good.
4 star(s)
A solid Starbucks with busy morning traffic but was served quickly and courteously. Had a small issue with an uncleared tar but it was at the back I the store. I ordered the Classic egg sausage and cheese with hot chocolate and both was done to perfection. Overall a great Starbucks location.
5 star(s)
This is one of my top favorite restaurants! I love the Bang Bang shrimp! It is always so fresh and has the right amount of kick. This time I enjoyed the fish and chips for my entree. The fish was so fresh it had to be caught earlier that day. Which is impressive since I live 3 hours away from the co...
We just got our credit card statement: they added an additional $9 to the tip!!!! BEWARE
1 star(s)
This Place is dirty and gross. Food is not authemtic at all. I am From Mexico City so I know mexican food. Please do not waste your money or time. The place is dirty and the Portions are ridiculously small.
I never give a bad review. The one star is for great food, the minus 4 stars is for HORRIBLE service by the owner. I let the first couple RUDE things go, but once she got the people in an uproar next to us because she yelled at them for not knowing the menu, it was hard to enjoy myself. Then as w...
My wife and I had a wonderful time at Thai Spice and Sushi. We have not been to this restaurant before but decided to purchase the awesome discount restaurant coupon and give it a try. We were really glad we did. Even though we presented the coupon ahead of time just to make sure there was no pro...
This place is fantastic! One of my best place for dinner. I can create my bowl with only ingredients I want.
3 star(s)
ElCerro is conveniently located across the street from where we live and we'd like to say we go there a lot, but each time I leave frustrated. They charge extra for EVERYTHING! They give you less than a teaspoon of guacamole and sour cream for your fajitas and if you want more, you pay for it. For ...
great place for super value for money and good food. sashimi was awesome loves their hibachi
What a wonderful place in this sea of horrible chain restaurants!! The food was amazing but the service was ever better. Nabila is a sweetheart! She put candles in our dessert, it was so lovely. I can't wait to go again. The food is so fresh and bursting with flavor. I am so happ to have found t...
5 star(s)
Always friendly and great value for the money. Note - if you have kids, juice is not part of the kids' meals. (We stick to lemonade for non-soda options.)
5 star(s)
Excellent food - hot and fresh! Employees all smiled and looked interested in me as a customer. "Decorations" in the restaurant were entertaining. Kids were playing everywhere. Good time.
3 star(s)
I think this is the only Chick-fil-a, ever, to have a bad sanitation rating. I don't remember the exacts, but it was lower then I've ever seen. Of course that was a while ago. I do have to give it 3 stars overall, though, because it generously held a fundraiser for a local school which was a plea...
5 star(s)
AMAZING! Best sushi in the RTP! Go and try it, you'll be happy you did.
2 star(s)
The staff was very rude to me and the kids.They got our order wrong but the kids did enjoy the playland
3 star(s)
Maybe a few more windows and some outdoor seating than your average Mexican restaurant but really nothing special. The table to which we were shown was covered in spilled salt (or something) but the hostess ignored this, tossed the menus on top and cheerfully said, "Enjoy your meal!" Service was o...