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Mohan is exellent chef.
4 star(s)
I have been to Royal India 4 times, always for the buffet. Every table gets plenty of hot fresh naan which is always a good sign. They have a wide variety of fillings for pani puri aka playing with your food. On the other hand, their soups (generic chicken and generic vegetable) looked too miserab...
It is the best Indian food around!!!!
5 star(s)
I'm from honduras, i never have india food in my life, one of my friend hi has me... you gonna indian food .. and i said i'm never try , i can go whith you, than i'm try buffet they had a lot of veggi and meat i'm try everything... my favorite butter chicken and chicken tandori spinsh, bread, rice...
5 star(s)
My wife and I have eaten at all the Indian restuarants in the Triangle and there is simply none like Royal India. Anyone who says the food is not good is not being honest! Everyone we've ever taken there with us agrees that it is simply the best. Rom goes out of his way to make sure he has the be...
its verey good resturant and the service in this resturant is absoultly great and its food is delicious
4 star(s)
This place serves some of the BEST food in the Triangle. I agree the service can be a little lacking, but the quality of the food is terrific. If you want to really try out good Indian food go for the lunch buffets. It is head and shoulders above any other buffets in the area. Every dish is ex...
1 star(s)
I am originally from India and I know what Indian food is. I have tried several Indian restaurants all over Europe and North America, and Royal India is the worst one. The food is tasteless recycled from previous days. If you really want authentic and fresh Indian food I will recommend ‘Biryani Hou...
1 star(s)
Although I enjoyed the food, the restaurant staff soured my stomach. One waiter attempted/killed a fly on the empty table next to mine. As if this was not bad enough, after his fly swatter hit the plate and the table, he left the place setting on the table. Next, one employee who may have been an ...