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Absolutely the best Vietnamese anywhere! Don't come here for American stir-fry or you will be disappointed (Try Lotus, Kindo or Village Wok). Spring rolls and suce are to die for. Try "F" for a great pho or "Y" if you are feeling like soup (off of the Traditional menu). The crabmeat lagoons are my c...
We eat at Kimson frequently & love it. It's great Vietnamese food. One serving serves the 2 of us. We especially love the beef & fried potatoes dish. The flavors are wonderful and the food is always fresh.
I tried Bona because of recommendations, both on here and from some co-workers. I was quite disappointed. It took 10 minutes for anyone to come and take our order. A group who arrived after we arrived were served before we were (you would think it would be faster and easier to serve 2 people rather ...
Monday we were eating at Kim's and as she poured my water she had to reach over me to squish a cockroach that was running up the wall. Then I notced more of them on the floor. We are not going back! The food portions are very large and the food is ok. But bugs crawling everywhere just isn't my thing...
Kim's is great. Great food. Hole in the wall joint..
The egg rolls at this restaurant are unlike anything I've ever eaten. They're far and away the best egg rolls I've had. The pho tai soup is so delicious and its such a great value for its price. I highly recommend this restaurant
Excellent food at a excellent price. I use to live in the Minneapolis area and frequently visited Bona several time a month. Especially like the Hot & Spicy chicken and the egg rolls are the best I ever had. Wish they had a web site to order from.
I love this place! It is the best food ever and a great value. Try the pho tai...it is delicious on a cold day. I frequent this restaurant for lunch and avoid the dinner time as they change from non-smoking to smoking in the evening :( Great place to eat and it will keep you coming back for more.
3 star(s)
Although the food is good the service is terrible and ruins the dining experience. During a busy Sunday lunch there was one server for the entire restaurant who got our order wrong, forgot to bring our soup, and couldn't be flagged down. It wasn't his fault, the management needs to double or tri...