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Stampede, Stampede, Stampede... I can't say enough about Stampede. The food at Stampede was TOP - the steak would melt in your mouth like butter, the mashed potatoes were cooked to perfection, and their steak fries were impeccable. No disputing it, the food was excellent. Their wide choice of entree...
We have been going to the Country Buffet for years. My husband likes all the meats, and I have always loved the salad bar. However, since redecorating, not only are prices higher, the salad bar is boring. I can make a better salad at home. Why did you take all the toppings away?
5 star(s)
I love this place...I have worked at this end of the skyway for 23 years and this is one of the best places to eat. I eat there 3-5 days a week and never get tired of the variety served. Carnivors, vegetarians and vegans will find something to tantalize the palate with. Great food and excellent valu...
2 star(s)
I went there at lunch and the food and service were under par. Maybe it was this specific location, but the employees were not very friendly to my kids. They are always well behaved and inquisitive. Their questions were ignored by the employees at the store. In particular the blonde haired girl was ...
3 star(s)
The biriyani is too good . The gravies are not too colored. Adequate spices for the curries, Lassi is good. The takeout is better than the buffet lunch dishes.
5 star(s)
MMMMM-mmmmmm good! Great collard greens with turkey - a little spicy. Pulled chicken and pulled pork are melt in your mouth. Honey topped Cornmeal Muffins are indescribably good. And there are many more dishes to choose from. Beer and wine, too. Laid back atmosphere. Delightful!
5 star(s)
it would be nice if they follow what other restaurants do when it comes with online coupons and that is just spend the amount on the certificate. this restaurant in particular has you spend 2 x; or 11/2 times the value of the certificate and adds 18% gratuity and then deducts while other restaurants...
Soduns great to me BWTHDIK
This is what soul food is supposed to taste like, I thought for a minute I was back home in Chicago, the food is very good and the service was great too, go check them out, I live in White Bear Lake mn and I just found my family restaurant with good soul food
3 star(s)
I have been coming to this place for more than 30 years. My Mom used to take us every Friday when I was a kid. The food was always good and very reasonably priced. The former owner became a good friend to the family. She literally watched me grow up. However, what I experienced on my last visit scar...
5 star(s)
This classic Saint Louis Park bar has been replaced by a swanky new condo. R.I.P.
1 star(s)
This is the 4th time we have visited the 5-8 club and this will be the last. Here’s the score SRIKE 1 - My wife and I brought our out of town family to the 5-8 Club because they had heard about the Juicy Lucy's. We ordered three different appetizers to share and our burgers. We asked that we get ou...
3 star(s)
I have to agree with some of the reviews posted. The Juicy Lucy was pretty good, but the service was very poor. The servers were not friendly at all and well try waiting 2.5 hours for a burger and fries with 7 kids. This time frame was not waiting for a table it was sitting at the table waiting fo...
5 star(s)
I haven't been to "Sturb's" in decades, so can't speak to what it is like now. Used to love the free popcorn, ambience, and friendly staff.
5 star(s)
it's the best resturant in minneapolis.. great food .. the people is friendly .. i engoy there ... i advice you to visit it asap .. Rabaa alshlahi ... kuwait
Always very good food and service. The meats there are consistently extremely good and their huston salad is big and tasty.
5 star(s)
I walked into this by chance as I was visiting a friend who worked in the same building and man, was I glad. Their special that day was a Cuban Sandwich which rivaled those from the heart of Miami (where I grew up). I have made the 15 block hike there at least 3 times a week since and have never bee...
5 star(s)
I have patronized this restaurant since the late 70s. They have the best spinach pie and vegetarian lentil soup that I have ever had. The falafel sandwich is also superb. When I come back to Minnesota, Java is usually my first stop.
Since they removed the cole slaw from the menu, I don't go there anymore.
I went here last week for the first time and I am sad that I didn't try it before. I had the filet mignon and my wife had the sea bass. Both of us were absolutely delighted with our food. We finished with their table side bananas foster and will be sure to save room every time we go back, it was ...