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Our family was just talking about Timothy's and how much we enjoyed eating there. I ate there several times over the years and loved the rustic outdoor atmosphere of the surroundings. We miss the restaurant.
5 star(s)
Daddyos cafe is a real gem in the rough, I have been going there for 20 years. Daddyos used to be located in brooklyn center and it was called little brooklyn.
3 star(s)
It's Taco Bell, you can't expect too much.
Rock Woods is very excellent especially for patio dining with the wood fire going and the flaming tables as a groove band plays on.
Best Asian buffet in the area. Restaurant has a pretty high volume so the food is generally fresh. Lots of variety. Very kid-friendly with pricing based on age. If you're not trying to wipe them out of their high-end items on each bucketful you take (as a previous reviewer apparently does), this ...
What a Joke this place is with these people playing Rulers over which items they are willing to fill up. Buffet means all you can eat and if you offer an item it means every item not just the cheap starch you wish to fill up.
5 star(s)
Great food stay with the homemade chips there great
The staff is very friendly even early in the morning. It is kept clean, and the pies are great, and great value.
3 star(s)
excellent staff ,fast courteous service and the best pizza's around
5 star(s)
Awesome burgers and other food types. We love going to McCoy's...it's like part of the family. Thank you!
The Food is good, kinda confusing because its hard to understand them.
1 star(s)
Horrible Horrible Service!!! My husband drove 15 minutes to get food for our family only to come home and discover they forgot 3 items. He drives back to the store and an employee by the name of AC looks at the receipt and says "You stood here all this time just for this?" He gives my husband the...
5 star(s)
McCoy's Pub in Elk River; They have the best free BARGO in the area. Plenty of free gifts, and weekly growing jackpot. Up to $1000 on Monday nights starting at 7pm. on Friday and Saturday nights you will see that it's the place in town to go.
The worst buffet in the area. Read reviews on other sites also. Look at the ripped up booths and broken light fixtures. No servers, no wrapped silverware, no wrapped fortune cookies just dig for it with the others. It is totally self serve and they fill the pans very slowly except the cheap filler i...
This would actually be less than one star but that was the lowest option. This was THE worst dining experience I've ever had (in fact our entire group of 18 said it was the worst they had experienced also. We had the Easter brunch and there was not one thing on the buffet that was edible. Upon co...