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Delicious! The employees were very welcoming.
The food was wonderful, and there was a great variety. Also, the meat was tender, the ranch dressing is out of this world, and the desserts were divine! And, it was very child friendly. We will definitely be coming back.
Stay Far Away Overpriced Dried Foods The very worst slop buffet of all time,, steam tables dry meat out to almost inedible. The priced has went through the roof compared to the other buffet in the downriver area. New management will have this place outta business in a short time. The most bland m...
Love the buffet. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because of the stuffed cabbage and city chicken. Everything is homemade and delicious.
All American Buffet in the same location as the old OCB. They do offer specials / coupons see their web site: They also have a Face Book page with current news. The FB site can be found on their web site. Love the Saturday and Sunday Breakfast. They are cur...
Although I know it created hardship for the people involved, me and the wife are SO glad that OCB screwed-up and left these fine people without jobs. This because now it has given the chance for the same people to turn this to their advantage and come back as the new All American Buffet. The food is...
Great food, great employees and a great deal! Very happy with my visit my kids and I loved it!
Great Super Buffet drinks included in price too I so love that someone bought this old country buffet, with all the same decor and was able to hire a portion of the staff from here and the OCB Taylor location. The foods and salad bar are all wonderful, the staff are the best and the managers walk...
Glad Southgate has a Buffet again! Welcome Back!
We ate there for the first time yesterday. The food was just average for a buffet style restaurant. It is a run-of-the-mill buffet; nothing at all stands out. Not the best in variety. If a Golden Corral was not so far away, this place would never stand a chance. I will say that their fried and ...
Service was very good. All workers we encountered were polite and courteous. Hot food was hot and cold food cold. We went for breakfast and there was a good selection. I would like to see more pancake flavors ie blueberry and some type of signage indicating the salad dressings. I was unable to tell ...
The food and service was excellant! Most of the former employees from the Old Country Buffet are back and now have jobs again. They also hired about 12 employees from the Old Country Buffet in Taylor including a manager named Bob who is doing a great job. Good thing they opened up again the closi...
This is an Excellent place to bring the family. This is by far the better resturant compared to Buffet Inc. Old Country Buffet, made a mistake by:taking this place & loyal customers and the employee's for granted.
I love this bar. I particularly liked it because although they had a ton of "bar food" options, I am more of a salad girl and I had the most amazing Greek salad I've ever eaten in my entire life, with grilled shrimp. The salad was MASSIVE. And I love big hearty salads. We ordered steak bits as an ap...
great place to eat good times too. try the pizza its real good.And the fish great.
5 star(s)
This is the best pizza in the area, The pasta is to die for. The staff is always friendly and I love the fact that everything is made fresh to order. The subs and salads are also wonderful. You just don't find places like this anymore!
Great food and service. I love the free delivery.
My husband and I have been coming here for a few years now and it's our favorite neighborhood restaurant. We have gotten to know some of the owners and waitresses. They make us feel like family. We would highly recommend this place!
Anita's Special pizza is an excellent pizza for a good price. Also, their spagetti w/meat sauce is always good.
5 star(s)
There are many chinnese restraunts in the area that have good this or that but Mandarin has good everything and comming from me a Chicago food snob this should mean alot. It's a bit of a drive for me but well worth it.