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the food is great,big boys is very nice to kids and every one else too.
the big boy's on 9 mile and gratiot in eastpointe is not only FILTHY, but the servers go into the bathrooms and come out without washing their hands and then touch everything, they use their bare hands to put lettuce on plates to make salads, the servers are 8 times out of 10 incompetent, mess up or...
The food is very good. Main problem is every time I go here the bathroom is always filthy and disgusting! I have never seen this bathroom clean. The garbage is overflowing, toilet paper on the floor and the mirror is so streaked you can barely see yourself. If the bathroom is so nasty, it can only m...
This is the best Italian restaurant in Michigan. My family has been going here ever since I can remember and now I love going there. My mom knows the original owners from going there when she was a teenager. The food is awesome, atmosphere is really nice. The service is great and the prices are ...
I have been going to The Villa ever since I was little. This has been my favorite restaurant my whole life. The food tastes fresh and home made everytime. I love everything on the menu, and the atmosphere is friendly and kind. I just love it!
The name of the place tells it all... Imagine yourself, at your Granma's house, dead of winter, starving and cold from shoveling her snow. Now, imagine the pancakes she makes for you, or the crepes, the eggs...remember how it warms you up almost instantaneously? Thats what Granma's House of ...
I've been going to The Villa since I was a little girl---I grew up in East Detroit--(now Eastpointe) and we went there as a family many times. It was my Mother's favorite restaurant. As years passed My parents eventually passed away and I moved out of state. I am back now living in St. Clair Shores....
Awesome food for the price,and it is authentic at it's best. You don't have to travel to downtown Detroit for great Mexican food.
Honestly the only thing that is bad about this place is the fact that its kind of expensive but other then that the food is amazing and usually the service is just as good :)
I have ate there with different people and at different times.The food was fresh,the service was good and they are handy cap frendly.Good food good friends cant ask for more.
Small, comfortable restaurant with food that is generous, authentic and a great value. Service is personable and quick.
The sesame chicken is excellent - the best around. The rest of the food, including the hot and sour soup is pretty good too.