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5 star(s)
The best bar in town
5 star(s)
THE BEST THAI AROUND! The experience of dining at Thai Pepper is exquisite! Their cuisine is excellent,in taste and presentation... and the new dining area peaceful and beautifully decorated with the owner's own comfortable.. Thank's .............
2 star(s)
I've been there several times over the past few years. It's a good place to watch a game, but simply horrible service.
1 star(s)
I was a regular customer. Food is questionable at best Customer service has gone down hill. After politely trying to explain to the owner that I had tasted a piece of spoiled meat, he refused to take the meal off of the bill and felt that I had an ulterior motive and then proceeded to call me a l...
we have been going to this DQ for years. The new renovation has brought in new workers who are rude, disrespectful and immature. We have had SEVERAL mistaken orders. One is that I am a vegetarian and they gave me chicken quesadilla (instead of veggie). The manager was RUDE and acted like I was the o...
5 star(s)
2 star(s)
The food is ok, but the service is poor. I was charged incorrectly and when I tried to get it corrected I could not even get a return phone call. Be very careful using a charge or debit card. I would suggest cash only at Doc's. Better yet find a better place to go,...there are so many others...
5 star(s)
doc's is a great place to hang out with friends, and make a new ones, the service is good, and the music make your time there goodas well. i do sugest to go there...
This was our second visit to the ALAMO...this time with the kids! Not only is the Food great and reasonable ....On Sunday Nights they have a Great crowd of Family Friendly Karaoke ... early enough for everyone to enjoy. They seem to have a pool of regulars that sing...but they are all encourag...
5 star(s)
My favorite buffet, always great. Busy restaurant so food turns over quickly and is replaced often. Huge selection including king crab legs, duck, several shrimp dishes, sushi and so much more. An excellent value.