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5 star(s)
i think that Linos is a great place to eat the wait staff is wonderful and the prices are awsome and the food... to die for and plenty of variety if your in medford Linos is the place to go (best breakfast and served all day)
Food and Service are excellent!
2 star(s)
A nicely decorated restauarant, we had high hopes for this establishment. Right off the bat, a few alarming things. The head chef was eating dinner with friends at the table next to us at the height of the dinner rush (I use that term loosely; no bread plates so crumbs were all over the table; a tv...
The best pizza I have ever had was Puccio's on Middlesex Avenue in Medford! The dough is cooked just perfect and their sauce is delicious! It is a perfect place to get take out or delivery anytime. They have such a great selection - Melts, Hot Dinners, Calzones, Pizza, Gourmet Pizza, Hot Subs,...
This is a great little take out place with some good value lunch and dinner specials.The chicken with cashew is outstanding.
4 star(s)
More of a takeout... Great boneless buffalo wings - ask for HOT, never tried the atomic, etc. A jumbo order is enough for 2.