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outstanding for hippies old and young and lovers of vegetarian food sure meat eater will love it too
5 star(s)
excellent for seafood
This is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Cambridge and possibly the whole Boston area (in close running with New Shanghai) The weekend dim sum is superb, no carts, just order rice pearls and small steamer buns off the menu!
The food at Mary Chungs is EXCELLENT and the prices are great. The spicy food is VERY spicy but not in a generic way. My only complaint is that they don't take credit cards. Try the orange flavored chicked- it's like nothing else!
4 star(s)
Best sushi in Cambridge or Boston. Extremely fresh and flavorful.
Food was excellent--portions were not overly large for the price. Service was excellent, make reservations however!!
4 star(s)
surprisingly good food. try the baked lamb special or the beef stew.