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I agree.... DO NOT WASTE your money and time here! I've heard about this place and was excited when I found one in Baltimore. I get the concept but sarcassim and rudeness is one thing. But the servers are over stepping when they start to write vulgar sexual sayings on the dumb paper hats they make...
WORST DINING EXPERIENCE EVER. I did understand the concept when arriving at this restaurant. There were 16 people in our party and it took the waiter more than 1 hr to get the drink orders. The food is terrible and overpriced and I brought my Margarita that I ordered with salt on the rocks back up t...
5 star(s)
Great pleace for lunch or a quick breakfast(one of my favorites is the sausage,egg and cheese sandwich). you always get friendly service. Have been going there for last 5 years and will continue. when you are there , you are treatd like family.
My 15 yr old girl and her friends ate here in Gatlinburg. She was talked into by employees to buy a dicks t-shirt that says mama told me no 2 dicks are alike. I said where you going to wear that to school and church? I'm very upset over this and the $20 she spent! I have a lawyer friend I'm talking ...
This is a nice little family run Thai food restaurant with a huge selection of Thai foods. Everything is very well prepared and the whole staff is extremely friendly (as I find usually seems to be the case with Thai restaurants). I wouldn't recommend the fried banana simply because the portion is f...
4 star(s)
Amazing buffalo chicken pizza! I love a good buffalo chicken pizza and it can be tough to find one. I'm picky about it, and a lot of places make it with too much sauce or not enough chicken, and it's very easy for it to become pretty lousy. I gave Pat’s Trattoria a try at a coworkers suggestion beca...
5 star(s)
Beautiful restaurant with delicious food! To be honest, when I went to this restaurant I didn't even know where Sardinia was, much less what kind of food they ate. I had just heard good things about the place and I thought it was worth giving it a try. Am I glad I did! The atmosphere is lovely, with...
All I can say is please don't waste your MONEY and time at this dirty low class place. I understand and get the whole concept about the employees being rude to the customers, (But I didn't know it could get physical, they should not be allowed to lay a hand on you) well I learned of this at my visi...
5 star(s)
Who's at 111 N.Wasington St., Boston? I was trying to see if Grotto LaStrata was still there. I haven't been there since the Big Dig Mess! Google Earth shows that the sign now say's Amici Restuarant. Same spot! There is a Grotto resturant a few blocks away, but I don't think theres a connection he...
Best view of Boston and outdoor patio.
1 star(s)
Two words? Just Brutal! The moment we approached the patio entrance we literally were assaulted by the host, who couldn't have been ruder and put his sweaty hand on my shoulder, which I promptly flicked off. There were three of us and we wanted to just go to the bar, but there were only two seats av...
5 star(s)
I went in for lunch and stayed for the night club after nine. Great palce to have a great time. I actually want to work there.
this is a great place for take-out, the food is fresh, delivery is prompt. Try the Gai Poo LoMein. You won't be sorry
While I was having dinner I heard the owner yelling in the kitchen; probably at the staff as I have heard him do on many occasions. Management seems to be very abusive to the staff; even the hostess/greeter seemed miserable when we walked in the restaurant. Not a great impression at all. The food...
Went to Philips on Mother's Day for Brunch. Made reservations for Noon. When we got there we were told they were overbooked but could get next sitting. We called prior to arriving to confirm the price and reservations. 17 or us sat around waiting for over an hour and a half before they sat us. Once ...
5 star(s)
I would have to give this place 5 stars. Great food, great service, reasonably priced day or night. Worth checking out, you'll love it!!
5 star(s)
Deli One has some of the best sandwiches around.John the main chef cooks great breakfast and is really a nice guy. He always knows what i want when i come in. The customers seem to respect him. So when you go in, i suggest you go to John for service.
1 star(s)
DO NOT TRUST THIS RESTAURANT! They advertised a 4 course pri fixe menu for New Year's Eve. We made reservations WEEKS in advance. We called a cab to take us there for our 7:30 reservation and there was a sign on the door saying "Closed due to water damage." NO PHONE CALL or posting on their website ...
Poor Experience from stale tap beer to terrible sandwich with tasteless onion rings to start this was the last time we visit a Champions aka losers restaurant
It's a take-out restaurant. The food is very delicious and prices and exceptionally cheap. The service is exceptional. Strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone who looks for good food with cheap prices!